Consider Insurance Coverage for Drug or Alcohol Addiction Treatment

Alcohol and drug addiction can really devastate not only the person who is addicted but also the whole community. Therefore, if you do not treat it then it can go totally out of control so much so that it may lead to even death. It can break up your family or damage your economy. Therefore, do not take this issue lightly at all.

If you or any of your near or dear one is struggling with drug or alcohol dependence then it is necessary that he must seek help immediately. Usually people hesitate due to high cost involved for such addiction treatment. Now under “2010 Affordable Care Act”, any kind of addiction can be treated on par with any mental health issue, and hence insurance companies can cover some cost of the treatment.

Many insurance companies are coming out with their multiplan drug rehab coverage policies and therefore you need to go over their terms and conditions for such policies so that you may know exactly how much you have to pay from your pocket.

What treatments are covered under such Multi Plan Insurance policy?

Every addiction has different course of treatment and they all are unique however few common treatments as mentioned below are usually covered under such plan:

  • Medically supervised detoxification
  • In-patient rehabilitation
  • Out-patient rehabilitation
  • Aftercare

How Much Will Multi Plan Pay?

It depends upon the plan that you have taken. In most of the cases, you are covered for only detoxification, but not for rehabilitation. You have to therefore consider such plan which covers maximum.

Rehab Cover with Multi Plan

Based on your individual policy, it will be determined whether your rehabilitation cost will be covered and how much of it will be covered etc.

What about any specialty treatment?

Many of the addiction treatment for drug or alcohol misuse may need special treatment. Therefore, you need to review your Multi Plan policy how much such cost will be compensated.

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