Diastasis Recti Treatment: 5 Ways on How to Heal Your Core

Mothers aren’t all too strangers to the condition divarication of recti. However, some are surprised by how little information they know about it.

One of the facts about this is that the abdominal and pelvic muscles are stretched and weakened during pregnancy, causing them to break away from the connective tissue that holds the abs in place.

Aside from undergoing a diastasis recti treatment in Singapore, to help you out on how you can overcome this, here are some ways on how to strengthen your core.

1. Learn deep breathing

Remember that a simple abdominal workout should help your core repair after pregnancy. As you go through expert suggested diastasis recti exercises, make sure you practice deep breathing to engage the entire core muscle group.

2. Avoid stumbling

When you wake up or try to get up, avoid stumbling. It puts more strain on the already-strained muscles that need to recover. Even if you are dealing with pelvic organ prolapse, the safe way is to keep logrolling as you did during your pregnancy.

3. Avoid heavy exercises

Using more standard abdominal workouts like crunches may be tempting, but taking care of your condition and dealing with a post partum belly means taking it slowly. It would help if you remembered that your core hadn’t healed sufficiently to handle more standard ab exercises.

4. Wear core support bands

While your abs are recovering, core support bands strengthen your abdomen, assist your back, and enhance your alignment. During your diastasis recti treatment in Singapore, wearing a core support band after birth is safe.

5. Go through a complete assessment

If you want to know more about your condition, consider visiting a postnatal centre for a full-body assessment. Should you need additional urinary incontinence treatment, they can assist you.

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