First Aid Tips When You Crack Or Chip A Tooth

Your teeth are the only parts of the human body that are incapable of healing. So it is no surprise that when people accidentally crack or chip a tooth they feel a sense of dread and start to panic. While of course, it is best to seek immediate care from your Reston family dentist, there are times when first aid is necessary to preserve the tooth.

In cases where your dentist isn’t available right away, here are some first aid tips you can use to treat and care for a chipped or cracked tooth at home:

Tip #1: Locate Tooth Fragment

Depending on how large the piece of missing tooth is, it is best to find the cracked piece as soon as possible. When located, pick up the piece as far away from the root (if it is exposed) as possible. Only touch the crown area when handling a tooth fragment.

Tip #2: Correct Rinsing

Once you have the tooth, rinse it using warm milk or water. Warm milk is preferred, but warm water will work fine. The important thing is to ensure that the tooth fragment remains wet. This means that you should not under any circumstances wipe the tooth with cloth or tissue.

Tip #3: Call Your Dentist

As soon as you are able to, set an appointment with the Reston family dentist. Explain the emergency and as if they are available to see you right away. Do not delay your dental visit as the longer you wait, the less likely the chipped tooth can be reattached successfully.

Tip #4: Tooth Storage

In cases where your dentist is not immediately available or if it will require a drive to visit the clinic, proper tooth storage is a must. Store the tooth fragment in a small bowl of milk until you see the dentist. This will help preserve and keep the tooth wet and alive until your dentist can give you the correct treatment.

Tip #5: Control The Bleeding

When the trauma that caused the tooth to crack or chip was significant enough to cause bleeding it is recommended to apply direct pressure on the tooth to minimize and control the blood flow. Bite a clean piece of cloth or on medical gauze to slow down and possibly even stop the bleeding.

Tip #6: Cold Compress Reduces Swelling

Once the bleeding has been controlled and the tooth is stored safely, apply cold compress around the affected area. This will help stop the bleeding while also minimizing the chances of bruising. Apply the compress at 15-minute intervals during the first hour or until you are examined by your dentist.

Tip #7: Do Not Bend Down

Avoid bending down or exerting too much effort after chipping or cracking a tooth. The force of gravity or the added pressure when exerting effort can increase blood flow. Sit still and be patient while waiting to see your family dentist in Reston.

Never try to repair or fix a cracked tooth at home. Schedule a checkup with your dentist right away to ensure the chip or crack is fixed without any further complications.

Your Reston family dentist will make sure that you’re oral health is optimal and that you always have that perfect smile. Contact Reston Dental Care today to set an appointment.

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