Harmful Effects of Drug Addiction on the Body and Mind

Drug addiction is one of the largest global problems today. Drug abuse still continues to plague the global community. With the largest number of drug addicts being comprised mainly if the youth, drug problems pose a threat not only to people as individuals but to the world as a whole.

Most drug problems start with experimentation or due to peer pressure. Drugs are powerful in such a way that experimentation leads to powerful addiction where the body starts to crave for drug.

Let us look at a few ways in which drugs damage the body and corrupt the mind.

1. Bodily Demand:

Once you get addicted to drugs, your bodycrave for drug [ลงแดง, which is the term in Thai] It becomes nearly impossible to resist. If you do not provide your body with the addiction that it craves, you can start to display symptoms like severe headaches, irritability, or even convulsions depending on the degree of dependence. These symptoms are seen in recovering addicts and are termed as ‘withdrawal symptoms’. While a recovering addict is usually placed under medical supervision, an active addict can develop serious health issues from this.

2. Organ Damage:

Drugs work in different ways to dampen your neural synapses. Frequent use of inhibitory drugs leads to dysfunctional neurons. This in turn also affects your brain and other motor functions of the body. They also severely affect vital organs like your heart, kidneys, and your liver, and lead to severe medical complications which quickly become untreatable.

3. Criminal Activities:

Drugs are mostly highly expensive and addicts soon run out of the means to afford them. This makes them turn to a life of crimes and they get engaged in violent criminal activities.  Drug dealers themselves have often hardened criminals themselves and do not hesitate to take advantage of addicts or even kill them if they are unable to keep up with payments.

4. Lack of Restraint:

The human body is designed to become resilient to drugs over time. It is in such situations when the regular dosage of the drug proves inutile that an addict intakes more than the usual dosage to achieve the desired effect. This usually leads to drug overdose which proves lethal to the human body and leads to the death of the person.  Majority of drug-related deaths occur due to overdose.

Besides these, the sharing of needles to inject drugs can lead to the contraction of several diseases. Quitting drugs is difficult but it is not impossible. There are several rehabilitation programs run by the government and private clinics that work tirelessly to address the problem of drug addiction in the world.

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