Home Use Nebulizers – All You Need To Know

A nebulizer is a mechanical and an electronic device which transmutes the medication into a mist so that it can be easily inhaled into the lungs. The nebulizers are very effective nowadays for patients suffering from respiratory diseases such as Asthma, Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), and other diseases which are caused by poor airflow.

A nebulizer can be used as an adjunct to an asthma inhaler. A nebulizer uses compressed air to break the drug into small droplets known as Aerosols. Nebulizer is the most efficient device for the treatment of respiratory diseases. It is often used for medications to be consumed in abundance.

A Variety of medications are available for use with the nebulizers. Infants or children with acute asthma or respiratory problems are prescribed medications which are compatible with the nebulizers. The medications such as albuterol come in liquid form and are transformed into a mist. A mouthpiece is necessary to inhale the medicine.

To obtain a nebulizer a doctor’s prescription with the medicines and the dosage is required. Proper hygiene is followed to set up a nebulizer.

Types of Nebulizers

Nebulizers earlier were mechanical which requires no or minimal amount of electricity; these nebulizers were used in earlier times for instant and immediate relief.

 The nebulizers also come in portable models and are mobile enough to be accommodated anywhere. These nebulizers can be easily carried in a bag or even in a pocket.

 Larger nebulizer models which require an electrical socket are also available and are the most effective one’s for large dosage. A variety of nebulizers are used to cater to distinctive needs of the patient’s which are:

  1. Soft mist Inhaler – These inhalers are mechanical and don’t require any electricity to operate. They are easy to use nebulizers with a flexible liquid container. The container pops out liquid in form of mist to be inhaled.
  2. Human Powered Nebulizer – This nebulizer is used to provide relief to patients suffering asthma, COPD and Tuberculosis. This nebulizer uses a minimal amount of electricity and comes in a bicycle frame with the pedals.
  3. Jet Nebulizer – Most predominant of all the nebulizers. It is operated by electricity and is compatible with a variety of medications. A mouthpiece with a nebulizer cap is also used to aid in more efficient experience.

Benefits of Nebulizer

A nebulizer is one of the most efficient of all the inhalers and is most compatible and portable. Asthma patients use the nebulizers for their efficiency in transforming the liquid into aerosols. The various benefits of a nebulizer are:

  • They are available at an affordable rate
  • Best for asthma patients
  • Compatible for patients of COPD and other respiratory disorders
  • Portable to be carried along anywhere
  • Easy to use with a manual
  • Medications with instant relief
  • Easy transfer of liquid into aerosol
  • Treats acute asthma instantly
  • Best for infants suffering from any respiratory diseases

A nebulizer must be used and cared for in a proper manner for effective results. Proper hygiene must be followed to setup the nebulizer.

After every usage the items must be cleaned properly. It is prescribed that a nebulizer must be used by a single person for the avoidance of communicating a disease. The nebulizer will be accompanied by a manual to instruct you with the setup of the machine.

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