How to learn a few basic facts regarding hypnosis and the treatment?

The Psychoanalysis is a complex discipline, and has received praise and criticism alike over the past few centuries’ parts. One of the things in Psychoanalysis that generates more concern is Hypnosis:what could happen to the person who is under a state of hypnosis?

Unfortunately, there are currently myths and misunderstandings about what hypnosis is and how it works. Hypnos Stockholm drops light on to some myths that creates false belief in hypnosis and make the people gain trust in this process.

Are people in a state of unconsciousness in a hypnotic state?

It is not like this. In fact, the hypnotic person experiences an improvement in their concentration and manages to focus in an unusual way. The patient is conscious at all times during the hypnosis process.

Is hypnosis a state similar to sleep?

This myth is widely spread thanks to the idea, also erroneous, that to enter a hypnotic state the patient must have his eyes closed. Closing the eyes, effectively, can help improve concentration and therefore is something that favors the state of hypnosis, but a patient who keeps his eyes open can also become hypnotized. In these cases, it is often called “active hypnosis”.

During hypnosis, can the therapist “manipulate” the patient’s wishes or actions?

Without a real willingness on the part of the patient to undergo the process of hypnosis, there can be no hypnosis. It is impossible to induce the attention focusing state of hypnosis if the patient does not collaborate in the process.In any case, the therapist has no control over the subject’s will. The patient has at all times the attention capacity to make their own decisions.

Is it true that the patient can accurately remember everything that happened during his life?

No it’s not true. What happens is that, sometimes, the patient can develop stories about moments in his life that do not stick to what really happened.What “power” should the hypnotist have to hypnotize patients?It is not about having any power or supernatural gift. Any properly trained and qualified professional can make use of the hypnosis online terapi process to treat patients.

Do patients remember what has happened while they have been hypnotized?

The vast majority of people are able to remember everything or almost everything that took place during the hypnosis process.Hypnosis is not a therapy in itself. Hypnosis is a specific technique that can be used with good results and to encourage certain changes in the subject. You could say that patients are not treated ‘with’ hypnosis, but rather ‘under’ hypnosis and always with the support of other techniques, processes and tools handled by the therapist.

Is hypnosis dangerous or does it involve some kind of risk?

No case of someone suffering physical or psychological damage caused by a hypnosis session has been reported. Many people are hypnotized every day by hundreds of professionals, and the majority not only does not declare any harm, but just the opposite.

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