Just Hit Menopause? 3 Ways to Treat Your Symptoms Holistically

Taking care of your body is important at every age. However, entering menopause represents an opportunity to take extra care of how you treat your body. During menopause, hormonal changes often lead to uncomfortable physical symptoms such as hot flashes, insomnia and dryer skin. While you can’t turn back the hands of time, you can ease this natural process by using holistic healing methods to restore your body’s balance.

Use Gemstone Balsams to Harmonize Your Body Rhythms

Massage therapy is an effective method used to ease body aches and muscle tension that arises during this major life change. Gemstone balsams from Pekana are designed to harmonize the energy flow through your body so that you find relief. The gemstones can be used alone, but they are more powerful for healing when they are combined with essential oils such as lavender and primrose that have the ability to help regulate your mood while they are used during your massage.

Address Vaginal Dryness With Essential Oils

A reduced amount of lubrication in the vaginal region is one of the symptoms that many women prefer to avoid discussing. However, restoring lubrication to your vagina has far more to do with your health than just helping you enjoy intimacy. When your vaginal tissues dry out, it leaves you vulnerable to issues such as yeast and urinary tract infections. It is also uncomfortable and the pain may cause you to skip other essential elements of your routine such as working out. Pekana capsules contain pomegranate seed oil that places phytoestrogens in your mucosal tissues so that they can go to work restoring your vaginal balance, and the oil provides instant lubrication that will not irritate your delicate skin.

Alleviate Your Symptoms With Phytoestrogens

A sudden drop of estrogen levels in your body causes the majority of your menopause symptoms, and it is normal for fluctuations to occur for as long as a decade before your hormones settle down. Unfortunately, this is a long time to deal with things such as night sweats and exhaustion. Synthetic hormones are also not the answer because they come with significant risks for your health once you have reached the age of 35. This is why it is best to utilize the products Pekana has developed that are made from natural ingredients that are known for being phytoestrogens. These compounds simply work in the body in a similar way to estrogen so that you receive prompt and safe relief from your challenging symptoms.

Over the years, you’ve spent time taking care of so many other people. Now, you have the opportunity to take care of yourself. While menopause is just part of life’s stages, you do not have to take synthetic medication or suffer through your symptoms. By taking a holistic approach to this transition, you can ease your discomfort while knowing that you are meeting your body’s needs.

Post Author: Ilana Herring