National Raisin Day – Benefits of Eating Raisins

Raisins are small fruits with plenty of health benefits. They are made from grapes; when dehydrated, grapes boast more concentrated nutrients.  Eating raisins daily as a snack is highly recommended. You can eat raisins for energy, as they are a good source of carbohydrates. To discover more about raisin recipes, open Nashua Nutrition website. There you will find many recipes that you can try on April 30th,  National Raisin Day.

More reasons to eat raisins

  • Offers protein for energy – Just like most fruits, raisins are so sweet that you can eat them daily. For all of our ladies, you need at least one and a half cups of fruits daily. Men need half a cup more fruit servings daily. One-half cup of raisins gives you only 129 calories and 1.3 grams of protein. It provides women 2{15ea493c99fcde673dfd0b881f8e172db797693fe1f8f0dc288017edb71bda57} of their RDI and men 3{15ea493c99fcde673dfd0b881f8e172db797693fe1f8f0dc288017edb71bda57} of their RDI.
  • Great Carbohydrate source – There are up to 34 grams of carbohydrates in a tiny box of raisins. In these, you can consume 26 grams of sugar that can provide instant energy. Raisins’ sugar contains soluble fiber that is known to lower cholesterol and balance your blood sugar.
  • Provides iron – Women require more iron than men; 18 milligrams daily. Iron’s primary role is to carry oxygen in your red blood cells. Its secondary roles are to boost your immune system, manufacture amino acids and improve your metabolism. Note that there is more you can learn at Nashua Nutrition’s site about iron and other nutrients.
  • Dependable Potassium source – The work of potassium is to carry electrolytes. These are necessary for muscle contraction and for the stimulation of nerve impulses. Potassium is essential for your regular heartbeat and has the ability to lower your blood pressure by neutralizing the effects of sodium. If you eat a whole 1.5-ounce box of raisins, consisting of 322milligrams, you can gain seven percent of your potassium RDI.

Including raisins in your trail mix

To create the healthiest snack for maximum energy provision, you should include foods that contain more sugar and fat. These include seeds, nuts, and sugar from dried fruits such as raisins. Healthy fat is a good addition to your daily meals, as it provides consistent amounts of energy. As well, consider where you get the ingredients to make your healthy snacksblend with. They should not contain unhealthy additives like bad quality salts and sugar. If you want to avoid making mistakes, choose products shown in Nashua Nutrition’s online store.


Post Author: John Sizemore