Studies on the ROI for the Better Wellness Platforms

The best wellness platforms are the one where you can connect any activity device for tracking and begin together as a group. You can connect all tracking of your activities through an iOS app, Android app or even on the web browser.

The best wellness platforms include:

  • Connect any device
  • Seven challenge modes
  • In-app content
  • In-app chat
  • Admin center is simple

Easy to get group together

  • Able to add members and collect all eligibility info.
  • Employees can get started via mobile.

Challenge modes

Good programs usually have:

  • 10 challenge modes to accommodate any group goal
  • Group or individual competitions
  • Group collaboration
  • Develop a challenger for steps, distance or minutes

$6 billion 

Health and wellness workplace is a market that is $6 billion in the United States. Employers offer these programs to improve the health of their employees, increasing their work product, reduce the development cost chronic disease problems and improve the control of conditions that are chronic – this from studies and research done in 2012. Half of all employers having 50 or more employees offered these programs and nearly one-half of employers without a program state that they intend to start one. The press as well as trade publications endorse workplace wellness programs as an investment that is good for the employer and employees, and even the sceptical academic worlds has gotten aboard the band wagon.

Harvard economist

A review in 2010 by Harvard state that wellness programs repaid $3 in health care savings and $3 in reducing absenteeism cost for every dollar invested.

RAND program study

But the RAND Study on Wellness Program that was recently published and included 600,000 employees at 7 employers, showed wellness programs are having little immediate effect on the money employers spend on healthcare. And what savings they see is being driven by the disease management mode, driving 87{50448b9ee8808ace0940482606e8cba4bc5aa69342d7bc3513fe6f9117735e48} of those savings. But with the lifestyle management part, the ROI comes later by stopping the development of chronic diseases.

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