Treating the prostate cancer at home

There are several people diagnosed with prostate cancer daily, and this cancer is really rising in number. Like other cancers, prostate cancer could also be treated if found in early stages. The prostate cancer shows its symptoms in its later stages. So, it becomes very difficult to treat this cancer in many of the cases. The prostate is a gland of walnut shape, and it produces semen. This production of semen is a very important function in themale body. The cancer cells in the prostate are prone to spreading to other parts of the body as well. So, the common symptoms of this cancer are related to urine such as pain while passing urine, frequent urine, blood in the urine or some cases it is not possible to pass urine also. After understanding the stage of prostate cancer, there is a chance of treatment. This treatment will further depend on the age of the person. There have been many cases in the past where patients have claimed that they have treated their prostate cancer with home remedies. So these are some home remedies which might turn out to be helpful for you. It is still very important to ask your doctor about everything in detail.

Here are some home remedies for the problem –

  • Pomegranates – There have been many studies in the recent years which claim that pomegranates could be helpful in treating Prostate gland cancer. These researches were done on mice, and it was fed pomegranate extract. The tumor of mice with pomegranate extract grew very slow compared to the other mice. It was also seen that pomegranate also worked in a way to kill the cancer cell completely.
  • Green tea – The anti-oxidant rich green tea is a treatment for various problems. The green tea is really good for human body. It is believed that a prostate cancer patient should include green tea in his diet. It can stop the further growth of cancer cells, and it will prevent cancer from spreading.
  • Zinc – This important mineral is found in food such as pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, and oatmeal. But instead of taking these food items, you can directly take the zinc food diet supplement.
  • Palmetto, VitaminC, D, and E -These supplements can strengthen your body to fight the prostate cancer. These vitamins help in proper functioning of various organs of the body.

So, a healthy lifestyle with good food can help fight cancer. The food items or supplements mentioned above are quite basic, but if you implement them properly into your life, then you can achieve a win over your cancer. Fresh fruits are very helpful in maintaining body immunity. The food with anti-inflammatory property should be included in your diet. Herbal products have been found helpful in treating prostate cancer. Although these food items could be helpful in treating cancer still you should also follow your doctor, and your main treatment should not stop. A well-maintained proper diet can support your body to fight with cancer in tough times.


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