What Are The Signs Of Perimenopause?

Before a woman enters menopause, there is the stage of perimenopause, where some menopause symptoms are displayed, however, the menstrual cycle is still present. In this article, we are going to cover a couple of signs that indicate perimenopause, and a way to treat those symptoms.

When does perimenopause begin?

While it is most common for perimenopause to begin a year or two before menopause, sometimes it can begin a couple of years before that, and it always begins with irregular periods. The irregularity of menstrual cycles can be different from person to person, as there have been cases where a patient would receive a menstrual cycle ten months after the last one.

Because of that, it is officially declared that menopause begins only if there were no menstrual cycles for twelve consecutive months. As soon as irregular periods come into display, the body is going to go through some changes, which will indicate a couple of different symptoms.

Visit a doctor as soon as you notice some changes

Vaginal dryness

One of the most common symptoms for perimenopause is vaginal dryness. This symptom displays itself in the exact way that it is called, and why vaginal dryness occurs is because the body stops producing certain hormones as you enter perimenopause.

While it is possible to use synthetic lubricants in order to keep the vaginal walls lubricated, the remedy for vaginal dryness menopause from Australian Menopause Centre which comes in the form of bioidentical hormones is a much better solution.

Hot flushes

Another symptom that is commonly present when it comes to perimenopause and menopause are hot flushes, which express themselves in a way that they make the patient feel very hot, which causes their body to cool down by sweating.

While in some cases this isn’t that big of a problem, there are more difficult cases where hot flushes occur multiple times during an hour, and they can put the person into very uncomfortable situations, especially during serious occasions.

Treatments for perimenopause

The bioidentical hormone therapy perimenopause treatment made by Australian Menopause Centre is one of the most effective ways to take control or completely remove certain symptoms that you may experience during perimenopause and menopause.

What the treatment essentially does is that it replaces the hormones that your body is no longer producing with similar ones that can be found in plants, which will return your body to the state it was in before perimenopause, apart from the menstrual cycle issues.

If you are looking for more information about the treatment as well as perimenopause and menopause in general, it is a good idea to check out Australian Menopause Centre – Yelp, or to consult with a local qualified professional.

Consider alternative medicine as well

Final Word

There are all kinds of ways to take control of menopause symptoms today, and every woman should use those treatments in order to make their life better. Going through some of the extreme cases of menopause symptoms is very difficult, and nobody deserves that fate.

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