What To Know Before Having A Breast Reduction Surgery

When it comes to plastic surgery in Bondi Junction, the most common procedures that the surgeons encounter involve breasts. The procedures on these breasts can go only two ways, the patients either want their breasts sized increased or decreased.

However, since the breast reduction surgery is more of a medical condition unlike increasing the size of breasts which is mostly a cosmetic surgery, it is not a surprise that the breast reduction surgery is a lot more common, and a lot more necessary as well.

There is no better feeling than not being “strangled” by your bra after a breast reduction surgery

Breast reduction surgery, why undergo this procedure?

A lot of women undergo this procedure every year, and while there are some who do it purely for cosmetic purposes, there are a lot more that will do it because it has a negative impact on their life. The number of negative reasons is quite big, but we are going to list some of them in case they are the symptoms that you are experiencing.

If you are feeling pain in your neck, shoulders or your back all the time, and you believe that the culprits are your oversized breasts, this is a good enough of a reason to get yourself a breast reduction surgery. However, sometimes you might be in great shape, so your body will naturally easily handle your breasts.

In such cases, you should also undergo breast reduction surgery if you are having some trouble sleeping, moving around or if you are just losing confidence due their gigantic size. It is not rare to see women experiencing emotional trauma due to their oversized boobs if they are making you uncomfortable reducing them will not only improve your emotional view but it will probably improve your health too.

Neck and shoulder pain are quite common symptoms that indicate a need of breast reduction

Preparation for the surgery

Before you undertake a breast reduction surgery, you have to be adequately prepared for the situation. First of all, you will have to get your body in good shape, or at least improve it enough so it can ensure proper healing. Surgeons will usually give you instructions of proper workouts as well as a diet that you should follow for a certain amount of time before the surgery.

Once your body is ready to go under the knife, you will have to make sure that your home is well prepared for your recovery. You will have to stack up plenty of ice, a lot of clean towels, and of course blouses or t-shirts that are loose and comfortable.

The surgeon will also tell you which medication you are supposed to purchase for yourself so that your recovery goes as fast and as good as it can. The medication will usually involve some sorts of special ointments or creams that you will have to apply a couple of times every day for as long as your surgeon tells you to.

How does the recovery go?

After your surgery is a success, you will receive certain instructions that you will have to follow. Your surgeon will also instruct you about you upcoming appointments where you will not only have check-ups, but you will have your bandages and stitches removed as well. The recovery can take from around a month to two months depending on the person and their body’s healing capabilities.

Final word

Do not hesitate to get a boob reduction if you are being in pain. It can potentially cause you a lot of problems, and sometimes there will be no going back once they start to occur. That is why it is best to check your situation with a surgeon that is certified to do a breast reduction as soon as you notice some signs that your breasts are making your life more difficult.

Post Author: Ron Killian