Why You Should Not Ignore Teeth Sensitivity

Teeth sensitivity is one of those things that people seem to think that they can get by with. There are many dental products that can help alleviate the sensitivity of your teeth, but to downright ignore the condition can cause you to experience more problems down the road.

Any dentist Lansdowne, VA will tell you that tooth sensitivity is often caused by dentin on root areas that have been exposed either due to receded gums or periodontal disease. Tooth sensitivity itself is a common condition and affects approximately half of the population.

Because tooth sensitivity can come and go over time, some people choose to ignore it. Here are some reasons why you shouldn’t.

Worse Toothache May Be What’s Next

If you ignore tooth sensitivity, an aching tooth that’s even worse because it doesn’t come and go might be what’s in store for you. Ignoring tooth sensitivity can cause a dental condition that you have to not be diagnosed so you won’t get the correct advice on what to do next.

Simple things such as forgoing the wrong food and beverages can help with improving your oral health. However, you will not be privy to correct information if you don’t have a dentist Lansdowne, VA that will tell you this information due to the lack of diagnosis.

Your Speech May Become Impaired

Tooth sensitivity can cause you to develop bad habits in many things. One such habit is speaking in a manner that you normally wouldn’t if you were not feeling the sensitivity of your teeth. Tooth sensitivity causes people to skip out on pronouncing letters that will cause them to feel that sudden shot of pain from their teeth.

Even if you don’t feel the tooth sensitivity later on, the habit may be too already enforced that it has become your normal way of speaking. It can take months or even years to practice speaking in a different way, especially if you are trying to do it while still experiencing tooth sensitivity.

Bleeding Gums Should Never Be Ignored

Tooth sensitivity is just one of the symptoms for some dental conditions that could spell worse things. Something that seems like a minor inconvenience while eating, brushing your teeth, or even flossing your teeth, can become much worse. When your gums start to bleed, you are already a step too late.

Gingivitis is a gum disease that can lead to an even more serious gum disease which can cause you to lose teeth or a condition called periodontitis. If you practice proper oral hygiene and get the correct advice from your dentist Lansdowne, VA, you will be able to prevent the disease altogether.

Tooth Sensitivity Can Be Easily Remedied

Dealing with tooth sensitivity for years may seem like the more convenient option especially if you haven’t developed the good habit of routinely check-ups with a dentist. However, tooth sensitivity can easily be remedied as long as you have the correct information from a medical professional. You will no longer have to deal with it altogether and you can live your best life.

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