List of Cool Vape Tricks to Learn and Enjoy

Cool Vape tricks

Last few years, vaping has gained popularity because it is less damaging than conventional cigarettes and weed smoking. Vape starter kits include everything beginners need to start vaping. Make sure to invest in an easy to use, good quality and long-lasting vape mode with sub ohm tank.

Seasoned vapors have introduced lots of vape tricks like waterfall, ghost inhale, tornado, bullring and more. List of cool vape tricks to learn is given below. Get to know how they look and check videos to learn how to do the tricks.

Ghost Inhale – Beginners can do this cool vape tricks. A vapor ghost ball is released and is also called mushroom cloud or snap inhale.

The dragon – You can impress peers learning the dragon vape trick. Vapor comes out from the mouth corner and nose powerfully and menacingly making one look like a dragon.

The waterfall – Vape is turned into heavy water like substance flowing down bottle holding frozen water. Check videos to see how this mystical effect can be done.

The vapor bubble – Huge vape bubble is made by trapping exhaled vapor within a bubble.

The tornado – A flat vapor pool is formed in the shape of a tornado but mod or pen, which delivers still and thick vapor is needed.

Liquid mist – Create a mist that stays on top of cold drink glass to impress friends at a party or club.

French inhale – In French inhale vapor flowing from mouth is inhaled through nostrils.

O’ tricks – You make letter O with lips but consistent O’s simultaneously will surprise everyone watching. O’s can be pushed around the room and played with.

There are many more vaping tricks that can be learned looking at how to videos. Vapes are getting smart so you Do exactly how videos instruct. A great hobby and fun activity to impress family or friends, it is worth an effort!

Post Author: Ilana Herring