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You make a point of staying healthy. Your lifestyle and schedule require it. You must meet commitments in your work and family lives. Staying healthy requires you to maintain your teeth and gums. If you are like most people, you brush and floss regularly. However, this is not enough. You should also have your teeth […]

Why You Should Not Ignore Teeth Sensitivity

Teeth sensitivity is one of those things that people seem to think that they can get by with. There are many dental products that can help alleviate the sensitivity of your teeth, but to downright ignore the condition can cause you to experience more problems down the road. Any dentist Lansdowne, VA will tell you […]

Can You Get Braces Even When You Have Missing Teeth?

Getting braces can improve the alignment of your teeth. It’s important that your teeth are aligned because leaving them uneven or asymmetrical for far too long can actually affect the structure of your jaw. When this happens, you will feel a permanent change that can be detrimental to your quality of life. Simple things such […]

First Aid Tips When You Crack Or Chip A Tooth

Your teeth are the only parts of the human body that are incapable of healing. So it is no surprise that when people accidentally crack or chip a tooth they feel a sense of dread and start to panic. While of course, it is best to seek immediate care from your Reston family dentist, there […]

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Keeping your Dental Health with Strong Tooth Enamel

When it comes to your overall outward appearance, you should rest assured that good oral health would make a significant change. It would help you renew your overall confidence in the best manner possible. It would also change the way you actually perceive yourself. Moreover, it would also change the way people see you. You […]

Does Invisalign Hurt? Here’s What To Expect And What To Do

Invisalign is a treatment that focuses on correcting one’s teeth. The procedure involves inserting bracketless aligner trays that support teeth realignment. While the method provides a valuable alternative to braces, patients might experience discomfort. The following suggestions are things you need to do to address the issue. Talk to your Orthodontist One of the things […]

Different types of cosmetic dental procedures explained

Cosmetic dentistry is the state of the art professional oral care intended for increasing the aesthetic appearance of the teeth in particular and the face in general. Some of the procedures used in cosmetic dental procedures by dentist Arlington are fairly simple and some of them are complex which requires specialized care. Some of the […]

The Best Way to Whiten Your Teeth At Home!

The Best Way to Whiten Your Teeth At Home!

Are you unable to impress people because your teeth are stained and ugly? Do you drink a lot of tea and coffee due to which your teeth are not as white as they should be? Are you embarrassed to smile because your teeth are not as good as the teeth of your friends or people […]