Mobile Apps For Your Mental Health

How Mobile Apps Can Help You Deal With Mental Health Issues

More than 43 million Americans will suffer from mental health issues in any given year. Mental illness is nothing to be ashamed of. It is a broad term that refers to changes in the way people think, feel and behave. It may be caused by a physical abnormality in the brain, or it can be brought on by external factors. Depression, PTSD, anxiety, and chronic stress are all forms of mental health disorders.

How Mobile Apps Can Help You Deal With Mental Health Issues

How to deal with mental health issues

A crucial step in dealing with mental health issues is finding out what factors are contributing to the condition. For example, if you are struggling with stress, it is important to identify what triggers that stress. There are various ways to address this. You should always talk to a health professional when you are aware of any medical condition. There are also many ways to administer self-help. There are many mobile apps to help you deal with stress and other mental health conditions.

Analytical and Occupational apps

Pacifica is an easy-to-use app that helps you identify what is triggering your stress. It is essentially a journal type app that you use daily. Apart from recording moods and feelings, the app teaches you relaxation techniques. Its recommendations are based on cognitive-behavioral therapy, one of the most widely used therapies for mental health issues.

My Mood Tracker is another app that helps you home in on factors that lead you to feel anxious or stressed. It allows you to correlate your emotional state with external or personal events. It is considerably more comprehensive than Pacifica.

Unlike analytical apps, occupational apps are essentially therapeutic tools. People with mental health disorders can often become very introspective. Occupational apps are designed to engross a person in achieving a goal. These can range from tackling challenging puzzles to engaging in simple activities.

Coloring Book for Me & Mandala, available on Google Play, is an app that lets you fill colors into various designs and shapes. It’s very simple to use and, apart from being very relaxing, helps you explore your creative side.

Relaxation apps

Stress and anxiety can often be relieved simply by relaxing, but people who are stressed or anxious may find it hard to relax. There are apps available to guide people through techniques to help them relax. Breathe2Relax was developed by the Department of Defence to help military personnel and their families, but it is also available to the general public. Welzen is an app that teaches you meditation techniques to help you relax.

When you suffer from a mental health disorder, you are likely to spend a lot of time thinking negatively. Anything you do to set your mind working on more positive, relaxing or enjoyable things will help you to feel better. Using apps that keep your mind occupied, or help you to relax, is one great way to channel your thought processes more positively, and the beauty is you can use them anywhere at any time.

Post Author: Ilana Herring