Use of Pearls in the Treatment of Cancer

Pearls in the Treatment of Cancer

Pearls have plenty of essential minerals that can also be helpful in treating cancer, which is one of the potent killer diseases of this century. Number of medical researchers and scientists has made this claim after doing numerous studies.

In order to learn more, one experiment was conducted where, pearls were produced after they specially cultured certain traces of different metals and minerals that are known for having major health benefits.

They have produced pearls under controlled environment in lab and in most aseptic conditions. It was found that it contains traces of zinc, magnesium, copper, iron, sodium, calcium and potassium.

All these micro-nutrients will be essential for different body functions e.g. metabolism, immunity and growth. Out of them, zinc will play a very major role to prevent fatal diseases such as cancer.

A recent study was also published in “British Journal of Cancer” that has established anti-tumor role of zinc that can prevent cancer cells growth.

Few other studies have established that zinc deficiency in our body can cause delayed healing of our wounds. It is also useful for weight loss and decreasing the duration and severity of cold and many other illnesses.

In order to do further scientific analysis, scientists had sent pearl powder samples to “Central Institute of Fisheries Technology” under “Indian Council of Agricultural Research” which also established that pearls contain all the above-mentioned minerals and metals.

In the various pearl culturing operations, oysters of one to three-years-old usually undergo surgical implantation, which is known as seeding, where mantle issue will be taken out from donor oyster and will be grafted in any recipient oyster together with the nucleus.

All these oysters are usually kept under the laboratory condition in order to get healed after which they will be transferred into the sea and placed inside the cages where these oysters will remain 6 months to 2 year to get pearl formation.

Oyster is able to produce more than single pearl during its life time after taking very good care of it, including their regular cleaning of outer shell for removing seaweed.

Post Author: Ilana Herring