What to expect from drug rehab wilderness programs

What to expect from drug rehab wilderness programs

Recovery process can be a difficult time in a person’s life. The first step to recovery is seeking treatment in a program that will offer you support through the journey. But many people are afraid of taking this first step because they are turned off by the setting in most drug rehabilitation programs that have a hospital like setting.

For this group of people escaping into a serene setting that is different from the traditional rehabilitation programs can be of much help. Outdoor therapy usually involves using the challenges found in nature such as backpacking as well as rock climbing to provide experiences that allow the person to grow. Nature is relaxing for most people and it is for this reason that nature-based programs are becoming popular.

Below is a list of what you should expect from a drug rehab program in the wilderness;


Just like any rehabilitation program, the clients get a chance for one on one counseling each day where they meet up with counselors and have the opportunity to discuss any issues they might be facing. During these sessions clients are able to trace their underlying problems and they get to learn the tools to handle their problems.

Group meetings

Clients meet once or twice each day for one hour sessions in a group setting. The location is always changing allowing the clients to experience nature around them during their meetings. The drug rehab wilderness programs usually use the 12 step approach in their meetings. They focus on talk therapy where they discuss issues related to recovery.

Physical activities

On top of the one on one counseling as well as the group meetings, there is an array of physical activities that the clients get to enjoy. They include hiking, swimming, mountain climbing, fishing among many others. The programs plan the activities during the week so they complement the meetings and other forms of therapy. These activities are meant to teach clients how to have fun in an environment that is drug free.

Camping and experiencing nature

In many occasions clients will go out camping so they can learn about themselves in a nature setting. The camping excursions are done in groups where they engage in setting up a tear down camp. They also get to learn some basic survival skills such as finding and preparing food while in the wilderness. They also learn how to stay dry and hydrate so as to survive in the wilderness. The essence of these experiences is to teach former addicts that they ca survive and find solutions without having to use drugs.

The wilderness treatment used a drug free method to achieve sobriety. An individual gets to learn to work in a team, create memories when sober and surviving in nature. They get a sense of well-being and increased self-esteem from their experience.

Post Author: John Sizemore