3 Types Of Treatment From a Breast Cancer Doctor in Singapore

Breast cancer is undoubtedly scary for the victim and their loved ones, but a diagnosis is not hopeless. If caught early enough, there’s a chance for patients to recover using different treatments and medicine. If you’ve been diagnosed with breast cancer, it’s best to act fast. Here are a few remedies that a breast cancer doctor in Singapore might recommend for you.

1. Radiation Therapy

Radiation therapy is one of the most well-used treatments for breast cancer. There are many variations, but all of them use beams of x-ray to hit the cancer cells and destroy them. Variations of radiation therapy include external-beam radiation therapy, intra-operative, partial breast irradiation, and more.

Radiation therapy is excellent for preventing the recurrence of cancer later on. You’ll most likely visit a cancer doctor in Singapore five times a week for three to six weeks for your radiation therapy.

2. Proton Therapy

While one can classify proton therapy as another kind of radiation therapy, it’s better for breast cancer patients than traditional radiation therapy. Proton therapy in Singapore delivers a stream of positively charged protons to destroy cancer cells with minimal damage to any healthy body parts surrounding them. It’s best for localised tumours that have not yet spread.

Because proton therapy in Singapore uses protons instead of x-rays, it’s less dangerous than radiation therapy, and the chances of radiation spreading to the healthy parts of your body are minimal. You can receive a higher radiation dosage for more effective treatment with fewer side effects and complications. You’ll typically get proton therapy treatments five days a week for several weeks.

3. Chemotherapy

Chemotherapy is the first thing many think about when they hear the word ‘cancer.’ Instead of a kind of therapy or surgery, chemotherapy involves the usage of drugs to destroy cancer cells. The combination of which drugs to use is at the discretion of the cancer doctor. Breast cancer patients can take it on its own or before surgery to shrink a tumour before a cancer doctor in Singapore can take it out. Many also take it after surgery to prevent the recurrence of cancer.

A chemotherapy regimen is a regular schedule that patients must follow for the treatment. A breast cancer doctor in Singapore can ask the patient to come in for chemotherapy once to thrice a week, sometimes more.

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