4 Best Strains to Stock in Your Home for PMS Symptoms

Do you ever feel weird a week before your cycle officially starts? Like you suddenly crave for different kinds of food, become bloated all the time, feel pain in your back and become extra moody? These are just some of the symptoms linked to PMS or Pre Menstrual Syndrome. A lot of women experience these symptoms which are totally annoying especially if you want to stick to your diet or you have lots of errands to do.

Now that there are so many remedies for these symptoms, taking a pill isn’t the only solution. In fact, you can introduce cannabis to your body to naturally eliminate PMS symptoms.

Menstrual Disorders – Manage Your PMS Symptoms

Here are some strains you can stock up at home in case you feel a pang of pain:

Blue Dream

Feeling the rush of emotions? You can try this hybrid of Indica strain to keep your mood swings at bay and help you feel pain-free to go on with your day. It’s best for mornings to relieve symptoms of PMS and helps with your focus without slowing you down. Moreover, the Sativa found on this strain actually helps mellow out your mood swings, so it should be part of your morning routine.

Orange Kush

Citrusy-scent and taste are great to fight off PMS symptoms. With its aroma, you can instantly feel relaxed and uplifted, without the couch lock. Although it’s an Indica-dominant strain, you won’t feel the drowsiness but rather, elevated mood.

White Widow

Feeling a bit blue all of a sudden? What you need is a mood booster in the form of a marijuana strain. Try the White Widow strain to combat stress, anxiety and depression. This strain can regulate estrogen to get away from symptoms that can affect your daily routine. Be sure to use only a few puffs as this strain has quite strong effects.

Black Cherry Cheesecake

This strain is the ultimate pain reliever because it lets you relax and psychoactive effects last up to 3 hours. This is best before bedtime so you can sleep without a worry.

If you’re new to cannabis, you can try out these strains and see which one works well for you. You can purchase a single strain first and switch to another after a month. Finally, remember to use in moderation to keep it cool and be on your day without any couch lock.

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