5 Ways Lasik Surgery Can Change Your Life

Your eyes are your allies because they help you become more aware of your surroundings. Unfortunately, some people take their eyes for granted because their sight has been with them since a young age. Eyes can also deteriorate because of an unhealthy lifestyle. Worse, you may need expensive treatments or even Lasik surgery in Singapore. If you are still in your 20s, it is advisable to prioritise your eye health for a better future!

And for those who experienced eyesight deterioration at an early age due to genetics: there are still chances! Although you can expect that the treatment will be expensive and time-consuming. Yes, it is a responsibility if you want to improve your eyesight. But the good news is that Lasik surgery is worth the investment.

Lasik surgery may sound hopeful for many people. But, some signs qualify people as perfect candidates for surgery. So, continue reading this article for additional knowledge about Lasik.

Who are Good Candidates for Lasik Surgery?

Yes, Lasik surgery is accessible for most people. However, not everyone can undergo this surgery because of possible complications. Now, if you have deteriorating eyesight due to age related macular degeneration in Singapore, visit your doctor first to know the appropriate treatment for your condition.

You can also ask if you are a good candidate for Lasik surgery. Here’s how to know that you are fit for the surgery.

  • Legal Age – Indeed, Lasik surgery in Singapore can significantly improve your eye condition. However, you must be of legal age or 18 and above before qualifying for the surgery. So, wait till you reach the legal age before visiting a doctor for this surgery.
  • Your Eyes are not Dry – Dry eyes are not fit for Lasik surgery as they can cause complications. If you are prone to dry eyes, you must treat them first before going to a Lasik. For this reason, you must visit your doctor first for a professional consultation.
  • Your Body is Healthy –Lasik surgery can impact your overall physical health. If you have diseases and a weak immune system, Lasik may not be fit for your condition. If you have a healthier body, you can adjust to the possible impact of Lasik on your physical condition.
  • You are not Pregnant – During pregnancy, hormonal changes in your body will occur. So, it is not advisable to have Lasik surgery in Singapore for pregnant women. It can affect their cornea and affect their overall physical health.
  • You Have a Financial Budget – The Lasik surgery cost in Singapore can be expensive. And so you need to have a financial budget before qualifying for the. You must ensure you have backup plans for your medical bills.
  • You are Knowledgeable about Lasik – Before going to Lasik surgery, you must be knowledgeable about the procedure. You must know the possible complications that may impact your overall health.

If you qualify for Lasik surgery, you are good to proceed with the procedure. Now, focus on the benefits you can get by learning why getting a Lasik is an excellent choice.


Why Should You Get Lasik Surgery in Singapore?

The Lasik surgery cost in Singapore may be expensive, but it is worth the investment in the long run because of the permanent results you can get. After knowing that you are fit for the surgery, learning some benefits, you can gain from this procedure can motivate you more.

1) The Freedom from Wearing Eyeglasses

Have you experienced the hassle of wearing eyeglasses? You cannot play sports, swim, hike, or do other physical activities. Once you get tenements like Lasik surgery or ReLex smile in Singapore, you can get your freedom from wearing eyeglasses! You can do more activities without worrying if you will break your glasses.

It can also be beneficial when you are travelling. It is a hassle to bring all your eye contact solutions because it can bulk up your luggage. Thanks to your Lasik surgery, you won’t need to use all these things.

2) Easier Exercise Routine

Do you like going on a regular exercise routine? However, your glasses can get in the way when running or moving around. Luckily, after getting the Lasik surgery or ReLEx smile, you won’t need to consider the glasses because you have clear eyes. It means you have a flexible range of movement.

You can try exercises like HIIT, Zumba, and even yoga. This way, you will not experience any hindrance if you want to try a new form of exercise.

3) Improved Fashion

Yes, your eyeglasses will no longer get in the way of your fashion! You can wear anything you want and still look good. Sometimes, eyeglasses may be harder to find an attire that will look appropriate. Fortunately, you had Lasik surgery, meaning you can now wear more types of clothes.

Although the Lasik surgery cost is expensive, the benefits you can get from it can compensate for the money you use.

4) Boosts Confidence

Some people are not confident about wearing eyeglasses because they change their appearance. There is also a connotation that wearing eyeglasses means you are a nerd or a person who does not care about fashion. As you get your Lasik surgery in Singapore, you can experience not wearing such glasses and improve your overall fashion style.

As you improve your fashion, you can gain confidence and be more self-assured when facing people. See, even if the procedure is expensive, you can get more benefits that will make your life better in the long run.

5) Help You Save Money

Imagine all the money you will use for eye contact solutions, glasses repair and doctor consultation fees! If you calculate all of them, it will be more than the Lasik surgery cost! Although the procedure is expensive, it can be an investment in the long run because of the money you can save after the surgery.

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