Adipodite: A Potential Solution to Various Health Issues

The market is being flooded with products claiming to have health benefits. Some of these targets the audience who are actually victim to modern lifestyle issue- obesity – with utterly busy schedule and lesser time to ponder over health and even lesser to live healthy.

Constant pressure from every possible side has made us choose easy options over healthy ones. We are constantly choosing fried fast foods over healthy home cooked meals. Late night shifts are making it tough for many to enjoy a morning walk. While various health issues cause obesity, these lifestyle choices are also contributing to it. While there are many products that claim to be efficient in fighting obesity, Adipotide can actually do it.


Peptides are a known term in today’s market. Especially the advertisement of seemingly potent anti-aging products has made the name ‘peptide’ a popular one. But it is not the only benefit that peptides can provide. In reality, peptides are many and these have been under the scrutiny of researchers for their potential benefits to human health. Adipotide is an addition to the list of peptides with potential benefits.


Adipotide has gained the limelight due to its ability to improve weight loss. Also known as Fat Targeted Proapoptotic Peptide or FTPP, Adipotide is a peptidomimetic compound which is man-made. Its pro-apoptotic element led to weight loss in monkeys and rodents. This peptide was primarily formed for treating cancer. Stopping the cancer cells from growing in blood was the goal of its design. Results showed that it is capable of stopping blood supply to the adipocytes which results in the death and reabsorptions of the adipocytes.

The first test conducted on monkeys and rodents presented a 30% reduction of body weight. These results made the researchers consider this peptide to have the potential to treat obesity. This happens because of the reduction of the subcutaneous fat under the skin and the death of adipocytes. This reduction results in reduction of overall BMI and waist circumference. This very peptide is still in the stage of trial and not available for application of human beings. Researchers having their licenses can buy Adipotide online for research purpose.

Obesity, BMI and Adiposity

Obesity is assessed by Body Mass Index (BMI), skinfold thickness (anthropometry) and densitometry. The BMI threshold for obesity is set at 30. Rising adiposity impacts human health and results in issues like hypertension, cancers, hyperlipidemia, NIDDM (Non-Insulin Dependent Diabetes Mellitus), myocardial infraction, metabolic syndrome and cerebrovascular accidents. The distribution of adipose tissue helps to determine the morbidity rate. The adiposity around abdomen is far more dangerous than around lower limbs and buttocks. The waist-to-hip ratio plays an important part in determining the chances of an obese individual developing any of the mentioned conditions.

Research shows that Adipotide has the capability of decreasing the amount of white fat mass through cell death. It can be considered to be a peptide prototype for obesity-treating. Currently researchers are working on the potential of this peptide. It is yet to be in the market for sale.

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