Adipotide: Wonders Waiting to Be Explored

Human body has way more things working inside than we can actually know or imagine. Each and every part of this complicated system contributes towards a better health. During the growing years, human body uses all resources for building purpose.

Everything just works at peak to make sure that the human figure achieves its best stature. But as we cross the growth years, the action and efficiency of many of the ingredients reduces and we start the process of aging both inside and outside. It also becomes tough to deal with maintaining a healthy figure or heal just like the growth years. One ingredient available in human body contributes towards healing, fat burning as well as many other important body functions are the peptides.

The peptides

The peptides are made of the same ingredient as protein- amino acid chains. Just the chains are shorter in peptides than in protein. Peptides play a great role in helping the body in maintain its health. Different peptides have shown to have good results during researches. These are being synthesized in the laboratory in an artificial way or derived from different animal resources. Some peptides have made it to the commercial world and being heavily used in products especially in beauty and fitness industry. There are many other peptides which are still under the microscope as researchers need more information on these and their mechanism.


The name of this peptide is related to the adipose tissues. Adipose tissues are nothing but body fat and can be found all over the human body. While women tend to get fat by storing subcutaneous fat and add bulk to the thighs and buttocks, men store more visceral fat and their abdomen becomes bulky. The peptide Adipotide is one of the proapoptotic peptides which eliminates fat from the body.

It basically cuts off blood supply to the adipose tissue but not the rest of the body. Research on monkeys has showed that this peptide not only promotes weight loss but also reduces type 2 diabetes symptoms and improves insulin resistance symptoms.

Effects of Adipotide on cancer

With the abundant network of blood cancer causing tissues become metastatic and grow rapidly. Chemotherapy not only targets the cancer cells but also damages the surrounding healthy cells. But targeting prohibitin, an ingredient found in most of the cancerous cells, can help to treat the cells in a better focussed manner. This might help to avoid any damages to the healthy tissues.

Glucose tolerance and Adipotide

Diabetes have been controlled with exercise and diet for years. But it requires immense dedication and patience from the part of the patient to some improvement. Adipotide is not only capable of reducing fat but also of reducing glucose tolerance.

Though the actual mechanism is still not known by the researchers, this peptide has been shown to improve glucose tolerance. There are more to know about this peptide. Licensed researchers can buy Adipotide online for laboratory usage and explore the varied potential of this peptide.

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