Bad Habits Which Might Affect The Hair Growth


By now, after reading from multiple sources we are sure that, you must have developed a fair idea on the causes related to loss of hair. However, in order to build up a better awareness in this blog, we take care of certain bad habits, which can directly affect the growth of healthy hair follicles. We, as humans, are very much prone to eating junk foods or spicy cuisines which affect the normal biological clock in our system. What you eat or how you lead a lifestyle can actually talk a lot on your scalp and hair growth.  Medical experts suggest that, proper hair care regime needs to be adopted if a person is planning to have a healthy hair growth. A proper diet and nutrition is the most common requirement that can really make a difference.

Some poor habits which can force you towards experiencing baldness:

Discussed here are some of the bad habits which ruin your strands and methods how to overcome them.

Steamy showers

Hot water shower is known to dehydrate your scalp to a large extent. Hair becomes dry due to hot water usage and can be more prone towards breakage. Hot water washes away the protective oils from the hair, thus making the hair dry and less lustrous. Excessive heat can cause the pores to overreact which can lead towards additional hair shredding. Medical experts suggest that you go for lukewarm water instead of excessive hot water.

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Hot styling tools

Hair dryers or hot styling tools can really cause much damage to the hair. High temperature can damage the layer of protein that coats the upper part of the scalp. This causes an imbalance in scalp moisture and makes the hair very much prone to breakage. Medical experts warn you against usage of such hair styling tools that can cause a permanent damage

Crash dieting

Being very particular about your diet can actually take a toll on your biological system. Severe dieting can result in a lesser energy and can hamper the necessary functions within the body.

This needs to be strictly avoided. Medical experts suggest that you consume a healthy diet which has plenty of lean proteins like beans, lentils, chicken and fish. Consuming 46 grams of proteins per day approximately can be very vital for healthy hair growth

Wet hair

Wet hair is considered to be fragile. It is more prone to breakage, therefore too much of wet hair can be initially dried with the help of a cold air blower. It is suggested that you towel gently, and do not try to comb wet hair in order to give your hair a particular shape.

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Tight hairstyles

Tightly bound hair can have a lot of problems. This kind of a hair style can put excessive pressure on the healthy hair follicles and can damage them to a large extent. Such a condition can result in traction alopecia, in which follicles are weakened.  Weakening can happen at a permanent level and this can take a toll on the process of hair growth.

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Using long lasting products

Styling products like gel and hairspray needs to be strictly avoided. As per observations it has been seen that, these products contain high level of alcohol. This leads to hardening of healthy hair follicles which triggers excessive fall of hair.

Birth control pills

Taking contraceptive pills can weaken your hair through triggering hormonal imbalance. The pills can contain androgens which might help in increasing loss of hair.

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Scratching your scalp

Scratching your scalp is a common habit, especially in young aged adults.  Craving for scratching your hair can be resulting from seborrheic dermatitis or any kind of infection.  This makes your hair prone to damage. Medical experts suggest that you keep your scalp clean and healthy through using medicated shampoos. Getting rid of dandruff is one of the first and foremost criteria in order to have an infection free scalp.

Sun damage

UV rays of the sun are responsible for reducing the elasticity and strength of your hair. It has been noted that, prolonged exposure to the UV rays can cause permanent hair damage. Therefore, a minimum protection from the sun is suggested, in case you are looking forward to a clean scalp and healthy hair.

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Irregular washing of hair

Professionals or working population very often fail to go through a regular wash regimen. This can trigger buildup of products and excessive dandruff on the scalp. This leads towards a permanent hair damage, and can call for excessive loss of hair.


Certain medications, when taken continuously can cause hair loss. This includes thyroid replacement drugs, anti depressants, anti anxiety, drugs related to blood sugar etc. Such medications interfere or disrupt the normal cycle of hair growth. Consequently, hair follicles can go into resting phase which results in premature hair loss.


From the above reading, the readers must be clear on certain habits which might influence our hair growth pattern. Avoiding these habits can definitely bring about a change, but in certain cases permanent damage may happen. Reasons are varied and multiplied and as per observations it has been noticed that chronic diseases can sometimes take a toll with our metabolic system. In order to avoid baldness, hair transplantation can be taken as a feasible solution. Hair transplantation had evolved as a popular service PAN India. You can avail hair transplantation in Delhi, Mumbai, pune and Chennai. To know more stay logged on to our portal.

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