Continence Care: 5 Types of Incontinence Products Worth Knowing

If you’re a new caregiver or have recently started dealing with bladder leaks, you likely have many questions about available incontinence care supplies and what’s best for you. Many people struggle with urinary incontinence. It has multiple underlying causes, from a weakened pelvic floor to muscular sclerosis.

Regardless of any situation, it’s crucial to understand your needs and the features and products that will provide the best protection.

  1. Incontinence underwear.

This incontinence product is called ‘protective underwear’, and you use it like regular underwear. It has more front-to-back coverage and more absorbency than most incontinence pads. While anyone can wear incontinence underwear with a catheter, those who are more active and don’t need help changing are the best candidates.

  1. Incontinence briefs.

Even though it is not the preferred term for continence care, you may be more familiar with the jargon ‘adult diaper’. And contrary to incontinence underwear, this product fastens in the front with tabs to ensure a custom fit. Additionally, incontinence briefs offer moderate to high absorbency and front-to-back coverage.

  1. Bed pads.

These waterproof pads safeguard your things against accidental leaks during hygiene procedures and stoma care. Bed pads are convenient on hand if your bed, furniture, or car seat needs protection from accidents. There’s no predicting when you’ll require them.

  1. Creams for skin care.

Barrier creams are a must-have product to maintain healthy skin during stoma bag care. Since you cannot always change your incontinence product as frequently as you would like, it is easy for your skin to become irritated and develop sores or rashes.

  1. Booster pads.

These pads must be worn with incontinence underwear or briefs, not regular undergarments. They are often less expensive due to the lack of a waterproof or ‘hydrophobic’ back layer, which allows liquid to pass through to your underwear.

Booster pads add extra protection to a wearable product, such as incontinence underwear or briefs, rather than purchasing a higher-absorbency product.

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