Digital marketing is all about having a strong online presence. A presence that can be accessed through phone, desktop or iPad. Everything seems to be a click away. If we want to head to the dentist, all we have to do is search the internet. When you are looking for new clients making use of SEO will help you to reach out to more and more people. Guide to Dental SEO by dNovo Group will help you optimize your website and increase the organic traffic on your website.


The main aim of Search Engine Optimization or SEO is to optimize your website. This enables the search engines to provide the best answers which will push your website to the top of the results page. When you search for something on Google, the first few pages which pop up are paid ads. The links which are present under them are organic search results. Here is how you can improve your organic search ranking.

 Back of SEO: Keywords

Keywords form the backbone of SEO. Keywords refer to those words which are used for searching the query. The keyword can be specific to dentistry and not just your practice. Most dental practices use similar keywords. You can make use of location-specific keywords which will make it easier for potential clients to find you. The process can be started by simply making a list of the words related to the services provided. This should be followed by combining them with the location you are in. The simple formula is “service” + “City/Area”. Some of the examples are Dental Braces Toronto, Ceramic Braces Mississauga”. 

Running a Volume Search

Google has a keyword planner which can be used to find the right keywords. However, they no longer publicize the keyword search volume to anyone apart from AdWords Customers. You can get the required data on Ubersugget. Apart from the monthly search volume, the tools also show how hard it is to rank for the keyword. The site also provides you with the ratio for organic search and the cost for pay per click advertisements. 

Do a simple Google Search

After having the list of the best keywords, the next step is to Google those keywords and see the suggestions and website displayed. At the top of the search results page, you will see the dentists who are paying for Ads, followed by the dentists who show up in organic search. Check out the first 5 pages. Study their website thoroughly like the structure, content and navigation menu. 

Design a sitemap

Having a sitemap in place will enable the search engine bots to crawl through the website. The sitemap will present them with the hierarchy of all the pages in your domain. The keyword sitemap helps in maintaining the focus on building SEO. You can make use of a spreadsheet to store and organize the data. You can create columns for the keyword and where they are kept. To not complicate, you can simply use the keywords in the title or the URL of the page.

Post Author: Ilana Herring