How a Chiropractor can help swing you back into action

A line of treatment that involves manipulation of spine to cure back pain, neck pain or pain from muscles and joints is known as chiropractic. This treatment procedure is not limited to procedures focussed on relieving the muscles only; in fact, the doctor advises changes in nutrition, lifestyle and exercise regimen to bring appreciable change in the fitness level of the patient.

How spine is manipulated in a chiropractic treatment

In chiropractic care program, the spine manipulation is done by putting pressure on the joint of a spine with the help of hands or a special tool. Heat, pressure, electric impulse and ultrasound are some of the techniques useful in adjusting the spine to impart flexibility to the joints. There are a number of devices, such as, braces or corsets that are used to rehabilitate the patient and provide ample strength to the spine.

Some chiropractic exercises that promote strong spine

It is important to become physically active to ensure better spine health. There are certain exerices that help working out the back spine and muscles. These are easy to do and are not very rigorous too.

  • Cat-camel exercise: Kneel down and put hands on the floor with back towards the ceiling. Pull the back upwards till a stretch is experienced in the middle, lower and upper back. Then, after few seconds, come back to the starting position till the back becomes flat. Now, let the back go in while you lift your neck and the buttock outwards. This exercise should be repeated 3-4 times to work out the abdominal, oblique and gluteal muscles.
  • Pelvic lift: Lie on the floor on your back. Both arms are kept at the sides and legs are stretched apart. Now, you try to lift the pelvic region slowly till an arc is formed while buttocks are kept tight while doing so. On a count of one, release the buttocks and come back to the floor.

How to determine if you need chiropractic treatment

Chiropractor will perform a battery of tests on the patient to determine the course of treatment if require. He may ask the lifecycle related questions, may get X-ray scan of your spine done and also, may ask for ultrasound to get the extent of damage.

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