When you see a good body of six pack abs or muscular biceps you really wish to own such a physicality. But it is really hard work and discipline for many months and years and not achieved overnight.

Since most of the steroids are non prescription drugs and not very easily available, the procurement of these from the right places to the usage is very crucial for getting the body you desire. 

Both men and women want to look desirable, making physical appearance a priority, washboard abs, toned legs and arms are the desire every women. Fitness and proper use of stacking of steroids can make you achieve this.

 Anavar is the most used steroid especially by women because of its mildness compared to others in the market. Winstrol is popular steroid used by males to bulk up. The combined dose will give amazing results. 

The combo of Anavar-winstrol

This is a most trending combo for getting a good physique and strength as well. Hence bodybuilders and athletes go in for this stack.

But when you are taking to potent steroids you are doubling the risk of side effects. It has to be determined what dosage has to be taken when combining the two as it plays a crucial part of the stack cycle. The period of taking this combo is indeed vital. 

As Anavar provides strength and energy, it is good for performing strenuous workouts for a longer period of time. Anavar helps to burn the fat in the process. The phosphocreatine releases more energy to the muscle. The best part of using Anavar is that retains the lean muscle in the body. 

Bodybuilders and athletes take a larger dosage from 15mg-25mg per day up to two months. You will be able to see a change in your physical appearance after a month of Anavar usage. 

Winstrol is mainly use for veterinary purposes and is not at all prescribed for human usage. It is used to increase the meat in animals before sending them to the slaughterhouse. It has comparatively less androgenic effects on the body than other steroids. You can obtain increase in muscle gains, strength and energy. 

Why you would want to try this combo

To get a desired result

Time period of usage

Dosage of the combo

This comb has many dosage variation charts available online with vary time frames for the cycle. It is upto you and a professional which would suit best for you and how your body tolerates and reacts and gives you a desired result of such usage. 

Side effects of the combo

Increase in heart ailments

An sudden increase in the production of red blood cells in the body.

A chance of cerebral stroke. 


Weighing your options before you try this combo by getting a health check and find out if your body is suitable enough to tolerate the onslaught of two highly potent steroids. It is better to constantly monitor your body variations and not neglect the side effects. Avoiding a prolonged usage and taking a break would definitely help in between cycles for the body to normalcy.

Post Author: Ilana Herring