Learning Yoga In A Fun Way With A Yoga Course in Singapore

Yoga can be fun. As someone casually doing yoga at home, I was interested in enrolling in a Chinese yoga course in Singapore to help me develop a deeper understanding of yoga. I find this practice to be therapeutic, allowing me to connect to my inner self. I also noticed how yoga has helped me improve my posture and strengthen other tight areas, such as the shoulder and upper back.

On the Look For A Yoga Class/Course


I don’t consider myself a ‘spiritual’ person who adheres to much new age belief. However, yoga provides many benefits to my daily lifestyle, especially in dealing with everyday stress. I am quite positive that my journey in yoga will be more profound and meaningful than ever with the aid of a yoga instructor. Learning yoga requires proper discipline. Thus taking a yoga course for a lesson benefits a person like me who has a routine of practising yoga numerous times a week.

Finding Chinese yoga for beginners is an easy thing to do when you are looking online. The trickiest part comes down when you are making a decision between different options. In my case, I was looking for a course that will give me an opportunity to go deeper with my yoga experience. Upon my time searching, I came across Yoga Mandala’s website. I have heard about Yoga Mandala, but I haven’t considered checking them out until I started practising yoga a year after.

Experiencing Yoga At Yoga Mandala

I gave Yoga Mandala a shot seeing all the positive reviews on the Classpass app. What I thought was a serious atmosphere, Yoga Mandala has quite the opposite. It’s a fun sanctuary where you can ease and unwind yourself. I had the expectation that the class bore a semblance of a junior college classroom where everyone was serious about everything. Seeing our Chinese yoga instructor, I was thrilled and motivated to learn more. My first impression of the facility and class got me since it is my first time attending a yoga class.

The class wasn’t too big, at least there were at least 10 of us. But we were all having fun and determined to learn. The cue of our instructor was clear, breaking down the details and sequence for the pose. So far, everything was flowing smoothly from start to end. Everything was excellent, and I was able to follow along with our instructor. Everyone seems to enjoy the class, and there wasn’t a bit of stress or an intimidating atmosphere. I came home tired but fulfilled.

Nevertheless, they require students to bring their own items and equipment, which isn’t a big deal. They sanitise their facility to ensure safety. So far, I am enjoying having a class at Yoga Mandala. Their yoga instructor course in Singapore is a perfect choice for those who want to go deeper into experiencing yoga. Overall, I would recommend Yoga Mandala for starters and those who want to amplify their yoga session with a certified instructor!

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