Massage Therapy: Benefits, Types, and Techniques

After a day of hard work, it is only normal to seek relaxation. Some prefer to read a book, while others would rather grab their favorite drink and watch their favorite show to relax. But for some, tranquility comes in the form of massage.

Massage therapy refers to manipulating the soft tissues of your body, the muscles, connective tissues, tendons, ligaments, and skin. The art of massage is generally considered a part of integrative medicine and is used for a wide range of medical conditions. Therefore, if you want to become a therapist, you must attend a massage training center where you can learn the fundamentals of massage.

A massage therapist typically uses varying degrees of pressure and movement based on the patient’s needs. Some of the benefits of massage therapy include lessening pain and muscle tension, increasing relaxation, improving immune function, reducing stress, and improving physical fitness.

There are many techniques that massage therapists use. Each of these types has different functions and addresses different needs. Some of these techniques are relaxation and hot stone massage.

If you want a massage that targets muscle tension for relief, helps improve blood circulation, and relaxation in general, relaxation massage therapy is for you. The primary goal of this type of massage is to provide you with a relaxing experience by using pressure, stroking, and rubbing on your skin. It is designed to ease your muscle pains and soothe you as you recover from the stresses of your everyday life.

Meanwhile, a hot stone massage is almost similar to a relaxation massage as it also targets muscle pain and tension or for relaxation. The only difference is that hot stone massage uses heated stones, as its name implies. The massage therapists will still use their hands; the stones are just additional.

With this type of massage, the heated stones will be placed on different areas of the whole body. The massage therapist may hold a rock as they massage the other parts of your body. Cold stones can also be used for the massage.

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