Some Conditions an ENT Doctor in Singapore Can Treat

What most people don’t realise is that an intricate network of tubes connects the organs responsible for some of the five major senses. These organs are the ears, nose, and throat, also known as the ENT region of your body. This network of tubes is why the ENT region of your body is frequently lumped together in the medical field. Otolaryngology is the study of the ENT region. If you have any problems regarding any of these three organs and the tubes connecting them, you need to find an ENT doctor in Singapore.

The question now is whether you should see an otolaryngologist (another name for an ENT doctor) or a primary care doctor. If you are wondering whether you should see them or go to a general practitioner, you might need to assess your medical condition to know whether you need an ENT doctor to treat you.

You might see a significant overlap between an otolaryngologist (or ENT doctor) or your primary care physician. If you are wondering when to see them instead of your general practice doctor, you might need to look at your medical condition and whether you need an ENT doctor to treat you.

When Should You Call an ENT Doctor Over A GP?

General practitioners or primary care physicians are the first point of contact you may have in the medical field. They may be the first people you call if you have a medical issue but do not know the exact cause or do not know the severity of your condition. If you have undiagnosed symptoms, they may attempt to narrow down your issue to a more specific one. They may also refer you to an ENT specialist doctor in Singapore if you have a grave condition or one that needs urgent treatment. A general practitioner will know about several conditions— a first step to receiving specialised care.

An ENT doctor on the other hand are specialists who can distinguish between various ear, nose, and throat conditions. If it starts affecting you in various ways, such as inflicting chronic pain, discomfort, and more, you should look out for an otolaryngologist. For example, if you have a sore throat that won’t go away even with medication, an ENT specialist may be able to help you out much more quickly than a GP can. Their speciality lies in ENT issues, so it is a given that an ENT doctor may know more about your condition than primary care doctors.

Are you dealing with a chronic illness or a serious sickness? You should reach out to an otolaryngologist. You might not know how many conditions they can treat.

Some Conditions an ENT Doctor Can Treat


Your ears, nose, and throat region combine to form your experience of the world. When something goes wrong with any of them, we can notice it almost immediately. The complex network of sensory organs might impair your ability to perceive your environment when they fall prey to the dozens of ways that illnesses affect them. That is why you need to find an ENT doctor.

With an ENT doctor, you can solve a wide variety of issues. Some are more obvious, others are surprising side effects of conditions you may not be aware of. An otolaryngologist may be able to provide solutions to your current problem. Here are a few conditions that an ENT doctor in Singapore can treat:

1) Sleep apnea

Some sleeping disorders are unknown to patients until a bed partner points them out. But sleep disorders impact mental, emotional, and physical health. Ask any bed partners if your snoring gets worse, and pay attention to your body if you suspect you may have sleep apnea.

If you experience tiredness during waking hours or you find that you wake up at the slightest provocation, you may want to consider talking to an otolaryngologist. Many sleep disorders stem from the ENT region of the body. Sleep apnea may lead to dangerous conditions such as hypertension and stroke.

2) Hearing loss

Losing their hearing is perhaps one of the most terrifying prospects for any active individual. Hearing is one of the major senses that allow you to enjoy your surroundings. Throughout your life, you may experience hearing loss, especially if you are older. You might want to reach out to an ENT doctor earlier so you can protect your ears. Old age and ear infection can easily rob you of your hearing and other factors you might not account for may be the root cause.

If you think you may be suffering from hearing loss, you should get your ears checked by an ENT professional ASAP. Your specialist can discover how you lost your hearing and provide treatments to help you regain your hearing. These may include hearing aids and other special treatments. Ask an otolaryngologist how you can protect your ears and lessen the chances of hearing loss again.

3) Tonsillitis

If you ever had a sore and painful throat that made it hard for you to swallow, then you might have had tonsillitis in Singapore. Tonsillitis happens when an infection forms at the back of your throat. While this normally happens to children, teens and adults may contract the condition. There are many ways to solve tonsillitis without needing the effects of antibiotics. But sometimes, you may need more drastic measures to solve tonsillitis or other tonsil-related problems. If the situation does not get any better, an ENT surgeon may recommend tonsil removal or tonsillectomy.

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