Some Facts You Should Know About Flat Feet in Adults and Children

Here are a few flat feet facts that you should know.

Common Symptoms

Most people that have flat feet do not experience any pain. However, it can still cause other problems that can result in pain. Some of the symptoms they may experience are:

  • Cramps in their legs.
  • Foot or leg muscle pain
  • Foot pains (arch, ankle, heel and outside)
  • Drifting toes

Diagnosing Flat Feet

The diagnosis for flat feet in adults and children have the same processes. The podiatrist will assess how your feet look when sitting, standing and walking. However, the arch often develops as the child grows.

Management and Treatment

Most flat feet cases do not have significant problems or require specific treatment. Like bunions, flat feet treatment can come without surgery. However, if you are experiencing stiffness, pain or other issues, consult your podiatrist about medications to help alleviate them.

Here are a few treatment options your podiatrist might suggest:

  • To ease inflammation: rest, ice or cold compress, Non-steroidal Anti-inflammatory Drugs (NSAIDs)
  • To improve flexibility and mobility: physical therapies that stretch and strengthen the muscles and tendons
  • Supportive devices: orthotics, braces or custom-made shoes.

When to Seek Corrective Interventions

As mentioned above, flat feet, either in adults or children, rarely need any intervention. However, there are circumstances that flat feet can interfere with your daily activities. Seek professional advice when you are experiencing the following:

  • Problems with balancing on your feet
  • Challenges with walking
  • Feet that feels stiff or painful
  • Notice fallen arches

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