Teas To Help You Lose Belly Fat And Weight

Today we decided to discuss some of the best slimming teas around the world. Most of us drink tea and know how it is prepared by letting the tea leaves steep and infuse their flavour into the water. But not everybody is familiar with the amazing benefits it brings for its users.

There are different kinds of flat tummy teas that can even help you get a fit body. They can help you get rid of your belly fat and overweight. So let us start with the different tea types.

  • Green Tea:

One of the most popular healthy teas and flat tummy teas is green tea. Most people, who drink tea for its health benefits, choose to have green tea. This slimming tea has been found associated with not just belly fat reduction and weight loss, but also with a reduction in waist circumference.

Green tea consists of catechins. These are naturally occurring antioxidants that help to boost metabolism and increase fat burning. Matcha, or highly concentrated powdered green tea, also does the same.

  • Black Tea:

Black tea is yet another type of flat tummy tea, popular for slimming waists of women around the globe. It is one of those that has gone into more oxidation than green, oolong or white teas. Its colour is black due to oxidation. This chemical reaction occurs, which happens upon the exposure of the tea leaves with air, resulting in their browning and darkening.

Black tea itself has a number of types and blends. It is effective in weight control. The tea type comes high in flavonoids that are related to weight reduction, lowered (BMI) body mass index as well as low waist circumference.

  • Puerh Tea:

This one’s a Chinese black tea that comes fermented. This is often used by people as an after-meal-tea. The Puerh tea carries an earthy aroma. This aroma increases with the time of the storage of the tea.

The tea type has shown its effects upon obesity and weight gain, reducing both. However, it is interesting to know that tea has been seen to lower blood sugar levels in both humans and animals. It also reduces blood triglyceride levels in both.

  • Oolong Tea:

We again come to a Chinese tea, though this one’s a traditional one. One of the best slimming teas, it comes partially oxidized. And one may put it in between green tea and black tea when talking of colour and oxidation. Oolong tea is often found as a tea with a fruity and fragrant aroma. It also has a unique flavour.

Coming to its fat-lowering qualities, oolong tea stimulates weight loss. As per various studies, the tea type has been found to have fat burning results along with sped-up metabolism. Overall, the tea is potentially beneficial for those looking for weight loss benefits in oolong tea.

  • Herbal Tea:

Herbal tea is a flat tummy tea that’s involved with an infusion of spices, herbs and fruits in hot water. Herbal tea is not one that is traditional. That’s due to the herbal tea being lacking enough caffeine. Also, it is not made from Camellia sinensis leaves.

Popular herbal tea varieties are ginger tea, very commonly heard and used, hibiscus tea, rosehip tea and rooibos tea. These too help with weight reduction and increased fat loss.

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