The 3 Best Maintenance Tips for Orthodontic Braces

Do your teeth need braces? You’re going to need to consult a professional in dental orthodontics in Singapore if that is the case. Dentists specialising in orthodontics help in the misalignment of teeth as well as tooth overcrowding and other similar problems. If your teeth need the assistance of a braces specialist, then you need this dental tool.

Getting braces is easy when you can go to a proper orthodontic professional. But did you know there are several types of orthodontic solutions? Modern technology has provided us with many dental solutions when straightening your teeth. We do not feel restricted by the types we have.  Some can have Damon-type braces, others are more comfortable with Invisalign or clear alignment-type braces, while others still lean more towards affordable metal braces.

If you have regular metal braces, then you must do what you can to clean them. Not cleaning your teeth and braces can lead to mouth infections and sores. It can also lead to food getting stuck in your teeth for weeks. To avoid this, you should learn how to clean and maintain your orthodontic braces in Singapore so you can get a better experience with your braces.

Here are some maintenance tips for you to follow.

1. Refrain from eating crispy or crunchy foods

While you can certainly eat foods like popcorn and crisps, they are generally ill-advised. These foods can get stuck in your braces, leading to a tough time cleaning them. Not only is it annoying to clean, but it can also easily lead to mouth infections and sores if the bacteria build up on your teeth. Crunchy and crispy foods are also painful on newly tightened braces. Do not force yourself to eat them when you feel you cannot tolerate them.

2. Brush your teeth after every meal

If you think brushing your teeth wasn’t already vital when you didn’t have braces, then you should know that teeth with braces in Singapore are much fussier. Food stuck in braces is very annoying. Plaque can build up more easily around the metal parts of your braces.

3. Floss your teeth

Lastly, the best way to clean your teeth is to floss daily. Flossing can help you get rid of junk in your teeth and keep your teeth free of plaque buildup. When you have braces, flossing should be an ordinary part of your routine.

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