These Minimal Invasive Procedures Can Reduce Your Fat Tissue

Setting your goal to get the slender figure will be one of the greatest decisions. Not only that you will lose some weight, but you will feel so much better and “lighter”. Your body will get healthier and you will be more resistant to diseases. If you wish to speed up the process, or your fat tissue is quite stubborn, these fat reducing procedures can help you.


This procedure is newer in the cosmetics industry, but for people who wish to get rid of the fat tissue non-invasively, this is a great solution. It is also known as cryolipolisys, because the procedure is based on cooling the fat tissue to the point where the fat cells will lose their function.

During the procedure, the practitioner will apply an applicator which is a vacuum hose that will suction the treating area. Then the applicator will carefully regulate the cooling process where the fat cells are affected and they slowly die. The body will do the process of removing the dead fat tissue, but it will need some time.

These Minimal Invasive Procedures Can Reduce Your Fat Tissue

Coolsculpting results are visible after a few weeks

With coolsculpting treatment, you can treat arms, tights, stomach, buttocks and the cost of the treatment varies on the area that is treated. Also if you treat more areas at once, the price will be higher. If you wonder how much you should pay for the treatment in Australia, the coolsculpting Melbourne cost according to Chelsea Cosmetics Melbourne is affordable and with great results.

Double chin procedure

Double chin is something that bothers men and women. It usually appears in people who are obese, but it can also appear in those who genetically inherited it. The solution that the cosmetics industry has found, is the specific substance which is injected into the area underneath your chin and is causing your fat to dissolve. The process needs some time, and that fat tissue is absorbed by the body.

These injections are also known as the Kybella injection, and the treatment can be done in specialized clinics, so double chin injections Melbourne by Chelsea Cosmetics Melbourne can be the solution for you if you live in Australia or you wish to do this treatment there.

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Double chin does not have to ruin your photograph

Treatment for double chin doesn’t last long. The local anesthetics will be applied, and it is necessary that you put ice on the treated area, as you will experience the sensation of burning. This is temporary, it is normal, and if it’s necessary, you can take some pain killers. The fat tissue that will be gone by this procedure will not return, but you should take care of your diet if the cause of double chin is obesity.

Final word

Removed fat from the critical areas, which is gone once and for all, sounds too good to be true but is possible. It does not free you from the obligation to take care of your body, but it helps a lot.

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