Three Easy Exercises that Help Shoulder Pain

Chronic shoulder pain can easily be remedied, especially after you have seen your local Seattle shoulder specialist. Your specialist can recommend some exercises for your specific shoulder pain, but here are three easy ones to try out before you go. They do not require any machines and can be done anywhere if you need a bit of some fast relief. Each one is easy and can be turned up a notch if they are at a level that is not difficult enough for you.

1. Slow Arm Circles

Arm circles are ideal for shoulder pain sufferers because they are easy and require no equipment. This exercise has you put your arms out and move them in slow repetitive circular motions. Whether you choose to go in tight small circles or wide big circles, this exercise serves as a way to stretch the muscles in your shoulder which will ease out stiffness and pain. Regularly stretching your shoulders will reduce muscle knots and the pain that comes with them. This exercise will also loosen the muscles, increasing the blood and oxygen flow to the area. Be sure to pick a pace that is right for you and is not too painful. Take it slow and work your way up when your muscles have gotten use to the initial stretch.

2. Reverse Fly

This exercise has you positioned leaning slightly forward and stretching your arms downward and then up and out. If this exercise is too easy for you, you can turn it up a notch by holding two water bottles while performing the motions. Like the other exercises on this list, this will help stretch the muscles in your shoulder to increase blood circulation and alleviate some of the pain. This exercise can be done if the slow arm circles are too easy or the quick repetitive motions are too painful. Everyone has to start somewhere and it is okay to start with something easy to work your way up.

3. Seated Twist

The great thing about this exercise is that it can be performed while you are sitting down and aren’t able to leave your seat. It is ideal if you are at work in the office and want some quick pain relief. This exercise is done by relaxing your shoulders and sitting straight up, then twist your torso slowly to the left, placing your right hand on the outer part of your left thigh. Be sure to breathe as your gently push on your right thigh and look in the direction your torso is twisting. After about ten seconds, you can repeat this exercise in the opposite direction. The key to this exercise is to focus on relaxing the shoulders and stretching them out in a wide stance. You may twist as far as your like or can handle, but be sure to stay in a position that is not too painful or does not help with loosening your shoulder muscles.

Try out a combination of these three exercises to maximize your shoulder pain reduction. It is important to stretch and loosen up your muscles whenever you can or have time. They should not be put off or performed only when you are experiencing shoulder pain. Try to set a routine with these exercises included. You may find yourself experiencing less and less pain as time goes on when you follow these exercises. If your shoulder pain persists then it is time to see a specialist to properly diagnose your shoulder pain. Ask your doctor about other possible pain-relieving exercises you can do and lower to risk of shoulder injury during workout routines.

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