Tips That Will Help With The Execution Of Nose Osteotomy

Let’s try to understand, Nose Osteotomy [เสริม จมูก ตอก ฐาน, which is the term in Thai] in simpler terms, it can be said it is a nose job. Nose Osteotomy, is a surgical procedure that needs the utmost precision and accuracy and needs years and years of experience with polished skills.

Here, in this surgical procedure, the nasal bone is through the tool name Osteotome, an object used to cut the bones. Osteotomy Rhinoplasty is the surgery that mainly focuses on changing the shape of the nose. The upper part of the nose is made up of bones and the lower position of the nose is made up of cartilage.

While opting for nose osteotomy, you must choose the right surgeon and should consider having a brief discussion regarding the surgery. Nose Oestotomy slightly differs from traditional Rhinoplasty surgery. Nose Osteotomy focuses on the nasal fracture, nasal trauma, or if a patient is dealing with the problem of a crooked nose.

Things To Consider Before Nose Osteotomy

It is said that willpower and determination towards a goal play a very important part in manifesting the desired results. The open and thorough discussions regarding the medical needs, your expectations after the surgery, and aligning the major goal of the surgery with the doctor will put post-surgical care in perspective. Nose Osteotomy has several types concerning different sets of problems, you must consider having an in-depth understanding of which kind of Osteotomy is in synchronization with your expectations and medical concerns.

Nose Osteotomy is a huge and very dense surgical procedure. The complete physical exam ranging from all the laboratory tests, blood tests, CT Scans, etc will help your doctor to understand your post-surgery physical appearance. It also helps doctors in understanding the medical aspects of your bone structure and skin. A physical exam will enable your doctor to understand the effect of surgery on your breathing.

After the surgery, you must take precautions and care with regular medical check-ups. The usage of local anesthesia might numb the area during the surgery, after the effect of anesthesia is gone you might experience a bit of pain and discomfort. You must avoid jogging and your Zumba classes or other strenuous activities. As your surgery has just taken place make sure not to give extreme facial expressions it may lead to unnecessary stress on your nose.

The pre-surgical care is going to create a strong foundation for recovery. Nose Osteotomy is a serious surgery, which has to be performed with utmost accuracy.

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