Ways To Check If The Mask Is Real 3-Ply Surgical Mask

The 3-ply surgical mask is very high in demand during the Covid-19 pandemic. However, these masks are available in different brands and qualities in the market. You must learn about them to find the most effective 3-Ply Surgical mask to get the desired benefits.

Visual Test

As the name suggests, the 3-Ply Surgical mask comprises of three layers that are visible when you cut the mask.  These layers comprise an external non-woven hydrophobic layer, non-woven inner-soft absorbent layer and middle melt-blown layer. If these three layers are not present in your mask, then it means that it is not a real 3-Ply Surgical mask.

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Electrostatic Adsorption Test

Now the next test that we have on our list is an Electrostatic Adsorption Test. If you are having a real 3-Ply Surgical mask, then the melt-blown layer will experience an electrostatic effect. If you tear it into strips, then you will see the electrostatic adsorption effect.  Due to the huge amount of electric charge, you can even adsorb the mask layer on the stainless steel.

Non-flammability Test

To get more surety, you can perform a few more tests. It is the non-flammability test. In these types of masks, the mid-layer of the mask is made from a melt-blown fabric and not with paper.

This implies that if you wish to light this layer via flame, then it won’t burn. It will melt without exposing it to the flame. So, you can be sure that the mask you are having is a real 3-Ply Surgical mask. If it was a fake one, then it could have burnt.

Light Transmission Test

The middle layer of the mask is used for trapping bacteria from either coming into or going out of the mask. It does not have to be very porous.

This ensures that the mask can hold on to the number of bacteria that is comes in contact with.  A mask that is a real 3-Ply Surgical mask will be less porous. If it is highly porous, then you can be certain that it is a fake one.

Water Resistant Test

Here is one more test on the list. The external layer of the real 3-Ply Surgical mask is made to be waterproof. This shows that if you expose this layer to water, then it will not get wet. To check it, you can pour some water on its exterior layer and you would notice, that the mask will repel water completely. This is another indication of a real 3-Ply Surgical mask.


These are the simple tips, and tricks that you can use to find whether a surgical mask is fake, or real. So, next time when you are in the market to buy one for yourself make sure you buy the right one.

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