Wearing Invisible Braces And Clear Aligners: 4 Reasons Compliance Matters

Wearing invisible braces in Singapore means undergoing treatment plans to achieve a perfect smile and maintain healthy oral hygiene. Patients visit the clinic for regular adjustments, ask the dentist regarding various concerns, and sometimes have a set of habits to help achieve the intended treatment timeline.

However, things go wrong when the patient lacks compliance and responsibility, and we will explore why these two things matter.


The treatment plan does not only contain information and steps on how to reach the finish line or the perfect smile you have always wanted. Here, patients do not only wear their clear aligners in Singapore and wait for a miracle to happen. They need to visit the clinic regularly for consultations and follow a few steps to maintain the quality of their orthodontic device. Lastly, you would not want to delay and turn the one-year treatment into three years, so consider that.


Wearing orthodontic devices requires responsibility and a set of healthy habits, such as brushing the teeth deeper because of unreachable areas or flossing to avoid dirt and bacteria buildup. When someone visits the clinic regularly to get a scaling and polishing procedure or the monthly cleaning routine, the patient maintains good oral hygiene. Not only that, but the treatment plan becomes smoother.


Suppose someone complies with the dentist and regularly visits them for adjustments and other oral health matters. First, they can develop healthy habits that let them maintain good oral hygiene, such as brushing regularly or using whatever the dentist prescribes. Second, they become aware of their responsibilities as a patient because achieving the perfect smile does not happen in a snap of a finger.


There are many consequences when someone fails to comply with their treatment plan, such as potential oral issues and conditions that may arise. With that, if you need to visit the dentist for a dental implant in Singapore or any other procedure that keeps everything in check, prioritise those things because they are necessary.

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