You Didn’t Choose to Lose Your Hair, but You Can Choose Your Treatment

Did you get dumped just because you’re losing your hair? It must be quite devastating. You must be losing your hair due to many factors, chronic stress being the primary one. Other reasons are lack of sleep, missing nutrients, heredity, excessive intake of vitamin A, chemical hair styling services, certain medications, and iron deficiency anaemia. Even though not all drugs that treat cancer cause hair loss, many of them do. Well, you need not worry. The good news is that it is more or less always short-term.

Causes of Hair Loss

The utmost effective treatment for hair loss depends on what is causing hair to fall out in the first place. There are a variety of reasons why you lose your hair. They include the following.

  • Hormones: Changes in the hormones, starting or going off birth-control pills and conditions like PCOS have all been linked to hair loss.
  • Stress: Both physical and emotional stress has been linked to hair loss. Physical stress in the form of an injury or an accident triggers hair loss.
  • Pregnancy: Pregnancy is an instance of hair loss caused due to physical stress. Post-delivery hair loss is very common in women.
  • Lack of Protein: Since hair is made up of protein when you fail to consume sufficient protein, hair growth is restricted.
  • Vitamin B Deficiency: The consumption of B vitamins is crucial when it comes to maintaining the health of your hair. A lack of these vitamins leads to hair loss.
  • Thyroid Conditions: When the thyroid fails to produce certain hormones, it directly affects the health of your hair, which results in hair loss.

Sometimes the cause is a combination of factors. One might lose hair due to a mix of stress and recent surgery or medications. On the other hand, male pattern baldness is the result of the intersection of hormones and heredity, occurring in men who have a genetic sensitivity to the hormone dihydrotestosterone.

Homeopathic Treatment for Hair Loss

Once you know the cause of hair loss, you can choose targeted treatment for hair loss that helps to maintain the hair you do have or regrow new hair. The very first step you should take is to visit your nearby homeopathy clinic and find a homeopath to help diagnose the root cause of hair loss. Homeopathy has various treatments for hair loss depending on the cause of the problem. A skilled homeopath studies the case history of a patient in detail so that the root of the problem can be found. Once they have evaluated the cause, suitable homeopathic medicine is prescribed to the patient.

Dr Batra’s™ homeopathy treatment is one of the most successful treatments for hair loss with 94{50448b9ee8808ace0940482606e8cba4bc5aa69342d7bc3513fe6f9117735e48} patient satisfaction rate. The treatment is administered after a carefully evaluated study of the patient’s case history. The underlying cause of hair loss is found and the appropriate homeopathic medicine is administered. The treatment is safe and easy without any dietary restrictions.

The professionals at Dr Batra’s™ understand the fact that each individual’s hair and follicle structure is different and will require customized treatment for effective results. The patient’s habits and history are studied in depth so that the professionals may get to the root cause of the problem. They aim at pinpointing the cause of hair loss and tackling it at the root level. The hair follicles are then strengthened to stop hair loss altogether.


Dr Batra’s™ is one of the best treatments for hair loss. They provide long-term hair loss solutions which are free of side effects. The homeopathic treatment for hair loss is meant to prevent all types of hair loss. The homeopathic medicines provide good nourishment to the scalp, resulting in stronger hair.


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