All You Need To Onow About Trenadrol

TRENADROL is a prohormone. It is used by many body builders and and got used to its performance. But there is a hard hitting fact that all should know before using trenabol. It is very toxic to your liver and bad for your health. The gains are quite fantastic which is why people tend to overlook the fact that TRENADROL is not good for your well being though. There is usage prohormone supplements like Trenadrol .

Side effects of TRENADROL

  • High risk of liver toxicity.
  • Causes hair loss.
  • Estrogenic effects are seen.
  • It aromatises easily
  • The gains don’t last after the cycle.
  • Decrease in sex drive.
  • Mood swings are caused.
  • Quite expensive to buy.
  • Increase in blood pressure.
  • There is more fat gain after usage.

Why it is used

Trenabol is often confused for being a steroid because of the name but it is a pro hormone whose job is to stimulate hormones in the body mainly the testosterone. This drug is not used anymore as it is banned as it had more adverse effects than any particular gains. The potency of this drug was very high and every body builder got a whiff of this and the usage began.

It was considered more potent than trenbolone. Trenabol is sold illegally in the market and getting the authentic stuff is pretty much difficult but body builders still manage to procure it and have been using it. It is believed to to give muscle gains, increase the production of insulin and retain muscle mass. It does not anabolic and androgenic steroid and also not a derivative of trenabolone as thought by many buyers and users.

Persons selling trenabol have claimed that it causes no water retention causing significant increase in muscle mass with faster fat loss in the body. It is has been banned and since 2011 it can not be procured easily albeit with different names and compounds are mixed and sold in trenabol like form. It is quite an expensive drug.

The reviews of the drug are varied and most of the users have bought the drug after knowing its high potency but the health damage has caused many to sit up and think of other options in the market are not so devastating on the body. Many use prohormone supplements like Trenadrol.

Dosage that is taken by patrons of trenabol are

Since it is a highly potent drug, a milligram variation also will cause a flutter. The dosage should be consulted through professional recommendations and it varies from person to person and the cycle they follow. There are both 30mg and 40mg capsules sold in the market. Beginning with lower dosages will be reduce the the chances of side effects on the body and allow the body to adjust to the new drug. The cycle of trenabol has some taking it for four weeks at a go and taking a break of eight weeks before starting on the next cycle.

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