Can You Get Braces Even When You Have Missing Teeth?

Getting braces can improve the alignment of your teeth. It’s important that your teeth are aligned because leaving them uneven or asymmetrical for far too long can actually affect the structure of your jaw. When this happens, you will feel a permanent change that can be detrimental to your quality of life.

Simple things such as eating food can be affected. You might even notice that there is a need to go to the dentist in Arlington far more than usual. Had you not forgone getting braces to “save money,” you may have actually saved a lot of money on trips to the dentist.

What if you have missing teeth?

A common dilemma that people have before they get braces is when they have missing teeth. Even just one can make a person doubt regarding the possibility of getting braces. How will the existing teeth align better if there’s a space where there’s one missing? Will the braces be as effective if there are missing teeth?

Children that are susceptible to losing teeth because of the transition from baby (temporary) teeth to adult (permanent) teeth become fearful of getting braces because, in their mind, the teeth may not align perfectly due to the changes happening constantly.

Below are facts that will help dispel the confusion.

You have to replace the missing tooth

A short answer to whether or not you can get braces if you have missing teeth is: no.

Ideally, you should get dental implants in place before you proceed with having braces done. Any dentist in Arlington that reviews, whether you are a good candidate for braces, will instruct you to do so. This is due to the congenitally missing tooth causing spacing problems.

The braces will cause your teeth to shift in position slowly but surely. If there’s a space for them to shift incorrectly, then you will be left with an even more misaligned set of teeth. Even if you don’t plan on replacing the missing tooth with a permanent one, you should at least get a temporary replacement for the time that you are going to get braces.

There are side effects to not having permanent implants

Those that get temporary dental implants before getting braces run into this problem later on. They find that their teeth begin shifting to an incorrect alignment again soon after they are through with their braces.

Again, this is due to the empty space left by the toothless area. To ensure that all the teeth stay in place to the correct alignment, there should be a placeholder for the missing tooth. The best way to accomplish this is by getting a permanent dental implant in place.

Don’t lose hope, you might still be able to get braces

There are some dentists that may let you proceed with the procedure. The braces can be used to close the gap between two teeth. If you have too many teeth, this is probably the procedure that you’re going to go through anyway.

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