How Can an Emergency Dentist Fix a Knocked-Out Tooth?

Having your tooth broken or knocked out is happening that requires immediate emergency dental care and services. Among all the dental emergencies people experience daily, having a knocked-out tooth is one of the most serious ones that usually occur at the worst possible time. You may think that your knocked-out tooth can be saved anymore and lost forever, but you are totally wrong. Emergency dentistry provides services that can save your knocked-out tooth if you know how to react and visit your emergency dentist immediately. Fortunately, emergency dentists are working most of the time, and you can see them sooner than other dental specialists. Based on an experienced emergency dentist in Vancouver, your knocked-out tooth can be reattached if you reach your emergency dentist within a few hours after the trauma. It’s fantastic for people who worry about oral health and want to save their real teeth as much as possible. After finding your tooth knocked out, you must secure and store it in your cheek, a glass of milk or saliva. This article gives you all the necessary and valuable information you need to have about a knocked-out emergency tooth, so continue to read to know how to save your smile.

Why Should You Consider a Knocked-out Tooth a Serious Dental Emergency?

As you should visit your emergency dentist within two hours after the injury, a knocked-out tooth is considered a dental emergency. If you can manage your time to see your emergency dentist soon, you have a great chance to save your real tooth and restore it. Remember not to leave your knocked-out tooth untreated as it can lead to severe complications, including tooth misalignment, tooth loss, jawbone loss, and periodontal disease. Furthermore, a knocked-out tooth can destroy your beautiful smile and cause expensive costs if you don’t treat it at the right time.

What Can You Do to Increase the Chance of Saving Your Knocked-out Tooth?

After finding your tooth knocked out, your reaction is important and influential in the treatment. Here are some recommendations from an emergency dentist:

  • Locate and keep the tooth: after noticing your tooth is knocked out, you should immediately find it and keep it in its place. Additionally, you can keep it in a glass of milk, saliva, or saline solution until you visit your emergency dentist. Try not to touch the root of your knocked-out tooth as much as possible and pick it carefully so the root will stay undamaged.
  • Get emergency dental care: contact your emergency dentist and make an appointment as soon as possible. The quicker you visit your emergency dentist, the greater chance you have to experience a successful treatment. Your emergency dentist will examine your oral condition to determine the intensity of the injury. After that, they can tell you if it’s possible to save your knocked-out tooth or not.

What Is the Process of Reattachment?

Your emergency dentist usually needs wires and other dental tools to reattach your knocked-out tooth. If the treatment fails, you will be a candidate for tooth replacement options, including dental implants or bridges to restore your beautiful smile.

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