Learn About the Different Types of CBD Vaping Devices

Vaporizers can be tricky and complex to use if you do not have any prior experience of using it. If you are a beginner to CBD vape products, then you don’t need to worry. This article will serve as a useful guide to explain you the different ways to vape CBD oil to get maximum benefits out of it without any trouble.

Description of Vaporizer

Before you can vape CBD Oil, you would need a vaporizer. It is a metal-based case that consists of different parts.

Components of CBD vaporizer

Though the components of a vaporizer can differ from one product to another, a typical product comprises of four parts.

  • A battery
  • A heating element called an atomizer
  • A mouthpiece
  • A chamber to collect the oil

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Types of vaporizers used for CBD Vape Oil

There are mainly two types of vaporizers that you can use for vaping CBD oil:

  • Pen-Style Vape or CBD Vape Pen for Concentrates
  • “Tank Style” Vape For E-Liquid

The Pen-Style Vape has a heating element inside the chamber. This element grasps oil. The coil heats up to vaporize the device. When these coils burn out, user would have to replace it periodically.

With prolonged usage, these coils damage and oxidize that results in nano sized metal particles to become aerosolized in the vapor that you inhale. This makes it not a good option to consider.

An alternative to the pen-style vape is the tank-style vape that uses an e-liquid which is a mixture of vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol, CBD and flavoring agents. In place of concentrated form of CBD oil. This type of vape makes big clouds of smoke at the time of vaping. You will get these pens in two styles: Reusable and Disposable.

Steps to Vape CBD Oil:

Step 1: Buy the equipment (concentrate or e-liquid)

Depending on your use and preference, you can choose between buying a concentrate or e-liquid style of CBD Vape pen. It can be easily purchased from a local or an online store.

Step 2: Learn the right way to use it

There are ample videos on the web that can assist you in teaching the right way to vaping.

Step 3: Vape

Once you have learned the correct method to vape, you need to switch on the vape and begin inhaling! Start off with a small dosage and see how it feels to you. Slowly you can increase the quantity.

Step 4: Keep it clean

By keeping it clean, you prevent any possibilities of getting infected by bacteria or inhale metal nanoparticles.


So, now you must have understood the components of a CBD vape product and the different devices to use to perform vaping. Follow this guide when you use vaping to get the best results.

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