Understanding How GC Tooth Mousse Remineralize The Effect On Enamel Lesions

Some people have started using the tooth mousse because their teeth are very sensitive and ever since they have started using the GC Tooth Mousse they have started feeling better. Most people call it a magical mousse. The major components present in it are milk protein, case in which helps in stabilizing the phosphate and calcium level in a bio-available form.

Another main reason for people using the mousse for their teeth is that it helps in restoring the mineral balance in the oral environment. The milk protein or casein stops the binding of phosphate and calcium together and thus they become very less effective. Thus, mineral ions start their healing process to the area which got damaged at very early stages of the decay and also gets eroded with the time.

gc tooth mousse

Reasons for Tooth Decay

The main reason behind the tooth decay is a number of bacteria in the mouth which acts upon using the energy obtained from sugar and creates an acid as a by-product. That’s why dentists advise people to develop healthy food habits and diet and never miss brushing and flossing of the teeth.

Using the GCTooth Mousse, the early stage of the decay can be healed if the decay causes can be reversed. You must have read about the presence of fluoride in water and toothpaste but still, the work of fluoride gets limited when the amount of calcium and phosphate bio-available form is present. And so, tooth mousse comes in picture. The fluoride together with the help from the calcium and phosphate can replace the lost mineral from the effect of early on-set of decay and so they help in rebuilding the enamel once again.

Tooth Mousse Restoring Oral Environment

When the teeth enamel, gets eroded, exposing nerves for cold, heat and acids,, it causes sensitivity. GC Tooth Mousse helps in sealing the exposed channels with there storing action of calcium and phosphate ions.GC Tooth mousse also helps in restoring the whitening of teeth after dental procedures.

GC Mousse also helps in treating the dry mouth problem.. Most people suffer from the problem of the dry mouth where their eroded enamel doesn’t buffer much saliva and so with the help of the mousse their teeth get the protection. The consistency of tooth mousse is little thick and so a bit of water is advised to be added in mouth after rubbing the mousse.

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