Wisdom Teeth Removal: When is the Best Time Get the Tooth Pulled?

More and more people in their late teens or early twenties choose to undergo wisdom teeth removal by a local dentist. However, not everyone really has to have this particular tooth pulled out. While dentists often have conflicting beliefs on this, it is always recommended that you consult a professional first if you think or feel that you need to your wisdom tooth or teeth removed.

The thought of undergoing dental surgery might sound a bit scary but wisdom teeth extraction is usually a much better experience than not going through it when it comes to the pain associated to the problems that these teeth can give you. But, many people are lucky enough not to experience any troubles once their wisdom tooth grows out and they don’t need to have it removed. Despite this, many oral healthcare professionals will suggest wisdom tooth extraction when you experience the following:

Chronic Pain in Gums Near the Wisdom Tooth

It could be a sign of infection which can happen if the wisdom tooth has erupted partially. If food and bacteria get trapped in these areas, this can lead to a painful infection known as pericoronitis. In this case, removing the wisdom tooth will help to prevent more painful infections in the future.

Your Teeth Don’t Fit in Your Mouth

Many people have adequate room for their 28 teeth, which is the number of teeth that a person has before his wisdom teeth grow out. This means that when you add four wisdom teeth to the 28 regular teeth, there will be 32 teeth that will try to fit into the tiny space in your jaw. If your jaw is not large enough, this might affect your wisdom teeth, which means that they might end up misaligned or they don’t erupt completely. With such situations, it is necessary to remove the wisdom teeth by a dentist in Alexandria, VA to have sufficient room.

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