Necessity of a proper diet while using Anavar

It is a common fact among steroid users that following a proper diet and exercise routine is of utmost importance to generate the desired outcome from the use of such substance. While off-season use of the Anavar can be a really outstanding option for women, it is actually during the dieting phase that this component starts to show its true results. This is one of the main reasons for the effects of this drug continue to persist even after months of its use. It is a known fact that women tend to have a harder time shedding unwanted body fat than men and in the process, they tend to accumulate a lot of lean muscle mass.

women athletes

However, the Anavar being a well-tolerated substance and more sensitive in women than men provide proper assistance to women athletes to produce the desired impacts on the system. Not only this, the development of lean tissues also enables to enhance the metabolic activity of the body thereby helping in the fat-loss process. In addition to this, the component will provide a lean and toned look to most users which are one of the major reasons for women to go after this supplement.

Ensuring a genuine purchase

While opting for a genuine source of purchase is a major topic of discussion, the online mode of purchase always has an upper hand in this regard. In countries where there is a legal ban, these substances are generally available under a medical prescription. While the average market price of the product ranges from $1.50 to $3 per capsule the price soars higher up in states where the purchase and sale of such drug is prohibited. So, conducting proper research before purchase is the key to procuring the right product.

Guidelines for safe use

While most women hit the gym for a healthy and well-maintained physique some even take the help of performance enhancers like Anavar to generate better results. This makes it necessary to know the intake level with accuracy to ensure effective and safe usage and avoiding probable negative impacts on the body. Even though it is considered to be one of the most tolerated substances for both the genders the intake level varies depending upon the purpose of use. While 10mg per day is the standard initial dosage for women, some might even find it sufficient for their entire cycle.

For those who are amateurs in the steroid, industry should not go beyond this recommended dosage level beyond any means for the initial period of their cycle. For those who have experienced a positive impact from such dosage intake can opt for a higher dose of 15mg or 20mg but that too under proper medical advice. However, women athletes opting to exceed beyond the 20mg mark can incur a risk of minor side-effects on the body like virilization. As far as the time frame is concerned, the duration of 6 weeks will be just about perfect to obtain the desired results. For regular users on and off cycle will be appropriate for a safe administration of the supplement.

Post Author: John Sizemore