Pythagorean Philosophy and Hippocrates Medicine. Diet Praxis Philosophy

Diet Praxis is based on the Pythagorean philosophy and Hippocrates medicine. Our team primarily focuses in empowering people to be responsible of their own health, with regards to their daily habits. In our daily life we face various stressful and difficult situations that often lead to loss of our health maintenance and disease management. For instance, a stressful exhausting job, financial issues and lack of sleep, can all contribute to a mental or physical illness.

Diet Praxis follows a holistic approach with its priority being the maintenance of health and stress management. We believe that health is the expression of a harmonious balance between the various components of human nature and the environment. Therefore, diseases are the body’s natural reaction to the lack of harmony and the disturbance of one’s homeostasis.

In Diet Praxis we provide a variety of ways to cope with chronic fatigue through the mind- body system and face any future stressful situations accordingly. Furthermore, the treatments aim at detoxify the whole organism and repairing the damage done to the brain and body at cell level. This also aids in prevention of future illness.

Activities included in 12 days program

In these 12 days program you will have the opportunity to take a break and recover from your daily routine. The course will begin by introducing you our team and arranging personal appointments with them. After meeting with each and every of our specialised therapists you will be given a personal treatment program based on your individual needs. Our main aim is to get to know and understand how psychological issues are interrelated to various disorders and vice versa. In order to achieve that we will analyze and restore your body’s bio-chemistry through comprehensive tests.

  • Personal Training Introduction
  • Quantum Psycho Therapy Introduction
  • Massage Therapist Introduction


Got stress? Of course you do! Stress can kill. We all know that stress is bad for us. It might surprise you to learn that the chronic stress is the culprit for metabolic disturbances, tissue breakdown and chronic diseases. There are various kinds of stresses, but the one thing they all have in common is that it is always about survival. Stress is classified as a stress when it impacts our survival capacity in some way.


The human body is an amazing living organism made up of one hundred trillion cells, which has its own needs in nutrition, stimulation, rest, hydration and a clean environment. Also, many interconnected complex systems that all work together synergistically to unite the mind, body and spirit as one. These systems are all vital to health and wellbeing. If one system becomes out of balance, other systems in the body begin to compensate. Over time, this throws the body out of alignment, oftentimes resulting in a decline in overall health. The body therapies offered at Diet Praxis provide ways to nurture your body to connect, correct, self-heal, and move toward and maintain optimal health, so it will flourish.

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