Cranberry Juice Diet

Cranberry juice provides so many health benefits and can be used as the main component in losing weight.

I was deliberating whether to write this article or not as I don’t really believe in diets, in the sense that they don’t last long-term.

A cranberry juice diet as with several diets can certainly benefit you if you wish to lose weight fast, in a short period of time, for a special occasion like a wedding or a vacation.

The health benefits of cranberry juice are well documented. This is why the cranberry juice diet or cranberry juice “fast” has become popular, especially amongst celebrities.

Cranberry juice helps flush out harmful toxins and bacteria from the body as well as providing you with plenty of vitamins and minerals.

My Cranberry Juice Diet Findings

I recently undertook to go on a short-term diet, based around cranberry juice, a couple of small meals a day and some moderate exercise. I wanted to lose around 14 pounds in 4 weeks. This is quite a lot to lose in such a short period of time, but I figured if I came close to the end goal I would still have done well.

The good news is I actually lost just less than 14 pounds and went on vacation delighted and feeling very smug!

I ordered 100% organic cranberry from an online supplement catalog. It contained no artificial sweeteners or additives of any sort, just pure cranberry juice.

It needed diluting with water and it tasted quite bitter to begin with. But once you figure out the best ratio of water to juice it is actually a delicious, refreshing drink. I settled with a 3 to 1 part ratio for most of the time but slightly less if I wanted a stronger taste.

I drank a glass in the morning and mid morning and ate a small, healthy meal for lunch and dinner. I drank another glass mid afternoon and combined all this with a brisk walking of at least 2-5km’s a day. I also drank plenty of still water throughout the day and snacked on fruit.

Quite often I would have a warm mug of cranberry juice with some added honey in the evening which is just delicious.

This diet is not the same as a cranberry juice detox which lasts for 2 to 3 days and you only drink cranberry juice and no meals. I wasn’t so much concerned with detoxing as I was with losing the weight. But I know how good cranberry juice is for detoxing and so I’m sure I reaped the benefits of that anyway.

Obviously you should consult with a medical expert, dietitian, doctor etc. if you have any prior medical condition that may not agree with a cranberry juice diet. But if you are fit and well, I can’t see any problem with it.

There are some side effects you may experience due to its detoxing properties such as developing acne. If this does happen, don’t worry, it will soon stop once you stop drinking the cranberry juice. It’s just the toxins being expelled from the skin. You may also develop bad breath and notice a mild sour taste in your mouth. Again, this is just temporary and will disappear once your body adjusts to the new diet.


As with many of these types of diets, there are pros and cons. I personally found it enjoyable simply because I love cranberry juice. However too much of a good thing might put you off it for life. As long as you’re getting a healthy diet alongside your cranberry juice and doing some regular exercise, I think the benefits that the cranberry juice gives you makes this an effective diet in the short-term.

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